Extracellular DNA in bacterial biofilms. Part I: Origin

Distribution and quantity of eDNA. Programmed cell death. Toxin-antitoxin systems. Transcriptional control of murein hydrolase functions. Lysis independent eDNA release as intentional and regulated process associated with a switch to biofilm lifestyle.

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  • Healthy lifestyle is "he process of enabling people to increase control over their health and determinants, and thereby improve their health". Daily mode and physiology. Connection with with human physiology closely. The reactions of the nervous system.

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  • Most Enterococcus species and their habitat. A scanning electron micrograph of a dividing cell. Virulence and pathogenicity of enterococci. Modulation of the host immune response. Antimicrobial resistance of enterococci. E. faecalis and biofilm formation.

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  • Analysis of communicative intentions of medical discourse devoted to the problem of assisted death, as well as the major difficulties in their implementation. Assertive detection dominance and declarative techniques in intentional structure of discourse.

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  • Transformation and potential tumorigenesis. Cell cycle control proteins. Oncogenic viruses: RNA or DNA. Amino acid sequence similarities in Rb binding site, kaposi’s sarcoma. Statistics of death due to apoptosis. Main changes in telomerase activity.

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  • Healthy lifestyle, or a love for animals? Vegetarian lifestyle: difficulties and benefits. Describe the vegetarian lifestyle and some of the problems associated with it. Using a diet rich in antioxidants, as one of the keys to reducing the risk of cancer.

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  • The cell death because of damage in the genome is a result of irradiation in cells. Survival in the case of intracellular repair system activation and a development of adaptation - to survive. Role of the state of prooxidant-antioxidant homeostasis.

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  • Described the tripeptide neutrophil chemoattractant N-acetyl Pro-Gly-Pro, derived from a breakdown of extracellular matrix, which shares sequence and structural homology with an important domain on alpha chemokines. Right ventricular hypertrophy in mice.

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  • Intentional replantation is an accepted endodontic treatment procedure in which a tooth is extracted and treated outside the oral cavity and then inserted into its socket. Intentional replantation is indicated when other endodontic treatments have failed.

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  • The main functions of the human blood. The composition of blood plasma. Transportation, homeostasis, protection, hemostasis. Cells, cell fragments, and an aqueous solution of plasma. Proportion of cellular elements in total and is calleda hematocrit.

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  • The clinicopathological features of a series of four periapically located central giant cell granulomas that were misdiagnosed and treated as being of endodontic origin. Root canal treatment. Histological examination with a diagnosis of radicular cyst.

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