Climate-economic model with endogenous capital depreciation rate under uncertainty of temperature projections

Review the simple climate–economic model based on the model of economic growth with the endogenous depreciation rate linear in temperature and on the exogenous climate scenario. The dynamics of mean value of normalized capital in case of uncertainty.

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  • Non-uniform distributions in hotelling model. Decision making under uncertainty and ambiguity in hotelling model. New markets and new products in Hotelling model. Formulation of the problem and motivation. Optima number of demo products.

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  • The most effective model to evaluate the enterprise innovative capacity subject to an uncertainty factor is the model based on the fuzzy sets theory. The model has obvious advantages in comparison with the expert and statistical methods of evaluation.

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  • Transformation of model equations and analysis. The mathematical model that explores the dynamics of the impact of the use of condom and therapeutic treatment simultaneously. Nonlinear differential equation system consisting in groups of the population.

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  • Suggests an approach to the creation of the semantic and ontological model of knowledge of technical and technological potential of economic security of an enterprise. Offered to use mivar technologies to design technical potential of economic security.

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