About affricate sounds in English

Definition of an affricate, approaches to the Study. Transcription in the International Phonetic Alphabet by combination of two letters. Using the tie to show that it is part of the same consonant. The status of affricates as a problem in the English.

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  • Phonetic transcription in the linguistic sense is the systematic representation of language in written form, may aim to transcribe the phonology of a language. Broad and narrow phonetic transcription. The International Phonetic Alphabet – origin, uses.

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  • Putting the English alphabet according to their order. Writing letters which are missed in alphabet. Putting the letters in the alphabetical order. Matching capital and small letters. Finding the words which are written in an alphabetical order.

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  • Phonemes, allophones, phones: difference and relationships. Articulatory and phonological views on the classification of English consonants. Modifications of vowels in connected speech. Basic rules of accentuation. Classification of phonetic styles.

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  • The main periods in the history of the English language as a subject. Formation of Germanic states in Britain. The system of writing in Old English period. Runic alphabet, its notable features. Types of runic inscriptions. The letters and pronunciation.

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  • Phonetics as a branch of linguistics. Aspects of the sound matter of language. National and regional pronunciation variants in English. The system of vowel phonemes in English. Alternations of speech sounds in English. Methods of phonetic analysis.

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  • The study of varieties of speech and variation in language. Germanic tribes and regions in England where they mainly settled. Writing and sounds in Old English. Stress in old English. The distinction between two types of low vowels, front and back.

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  • English language in England: dialects, regional, glottal stop. Pronunciation Varieties of British English. The Northern Regional and the Scottish Type of English Pronunciation. Peculiarities of American and British English and their differences.

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  • English as the main means of communication of people in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and numerous other countries. Familiarity with the features of the modern еEnglish alphabet. Analysis of the history and development of the alphabet.

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  • Studying branch terminological systems. The study of English phonetic terms is considered. The correlation parts of speech in the terminological systems of English phonetics and phonology in the diachronic aspect. Evolution of phonetic terms over time.

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  • Phonetics as one of the main branch of linguistics. National and regional pronunciation variants in English. Analysis of the aspects of the sound matter of language. Intonation and prosody: definition, functions, components, spheres of application.

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