Three-dimensional geometry

Spatial relationships and examples of three-dimensional figures. The calculation of the surface area of three-dimensional figures and volume of cylinders and prisms. The ratio of the volume of the cone and the pyramid to the volume of cylinder and prism.

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  • The construction of lower-dimensional manifolds from high-dimensional data is an important task in data mining, machine learning and statistics. The authors consider principal manifolds as a regularized, non-linear empirical quantization error functional.

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  • The history of the discovery of Archimedes formula to calculate areas and volumes of spheres, cylinders and other plane and solid geometric figures. The Archimedes screw - a machine to transport water from low-lying sources in the irrigation ditches.

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  • Characteristic of a Krull–Schmidt Theorem for nonassociative algebras. Definition of the upper annihilating series. Study of some families of nilpotent evolution algebras. Classification of four- and five-dimensional nilpotent evolution algebras.

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  • Conditions for nite sequences of positive numbers to be certain parts of spectra of the Dirichlet-Dirichlet, Dirichlet-Neumann, Neumann-Dirichlet and Neumann-Neumann boundary value problems generated by the same Stieltjes string recurrence relations.

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  • The self regulation of the parameters of the algorithm is a major step towards the establishment of the method as a general tool of nonlinear data analysis. Algorithms for the general task of extracting nonlinear principal manifolds from high dimensional.

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  • Multidimensional data distributions with complex topologies and variable local dimensions. A new type of low-dimensional "principal object": a principal cubic complex. The method of topological grammars with the minimization of an elastic energy.

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  • Search of the Dirichlet series with zero abscissa of absolute convergence. Study of asymptotic equality features. The convergence at different points. The role of the Dirichlet series in number theory. The behavior of the three-dimensional function.

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  • The definition of real and complex vector spaces. The calculation of the reference type. Rules of addition and multiplication of scalars. The concept of subset. The direct sum of two subspaces. The calculation of the projection of the vector on the area.

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  • Studying of the enumerative geometry of orbits of multidimensional toric action on projective algebraic varieties. Develop a new cyclic diferential-graded operad, conjecturally governing the real version of the enumerative geometry of these toric orbits.

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  • Queuing effect can be in the different components of ground operations. Causes of surface – movement delays are long taxi – in and taxi – out operations during departure and arrival of aircraft. Surface movement delays in an airport are analyzed.

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