History of Telecommunications

Communicating over long distances. The Telegraph and commercial Growth of the Telephone. The Emergence of Broadcasting. International Telecommunications Networks. Hand-Held Radio Transceivers. History and development of communications satellites.

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  • The concept and structure of telecommunications, their latest achievements and prospects. Trends in the field of telecommunications, networking model, the interaction of the client and the server. The types of operating systems, external utilities.

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  • This history on key moments of evolution electronic digital computer: the transformation of the computer from a specialized scientific instrument to a commercial product; the beginning of personal computing and the spread of networking after 1980s.

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  • The Internet - a global association of computer networks. E-mail - system for sending messages between users. Guaranteeing the flow of information between customers, establishment of a virtual connection - the tasks of Transmission Control Protocol.

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  • Consideration of various information security standards in the Russian commercial organizations. Methods of data protection. Potential application of international standards in information security activities of the Russian commercial organization.

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  • Review digital communication and traditional computer-based technologies. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Computer and network hardware and software. Features of use of information and communication technologies in modern society.

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  • The history of codes and ciphers as the story of the centuries-old battle between codemakers and codebreakers, an intellectual arms race that has had a dramatic impact on the course of history. The mechanization of secrecy. A qantum leap into the future.

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  • The comparison of the computer development in the USA and Ukraine. At the time when the computer science was just uprising this two countries were one of the most noticeably influential. Howard Aiken's contributions to the development of the computer.

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  • Cyberspace as a medium through which people engage in more complex processes. The history and development of information security principles in the World Wide Web, an assessment of their effectiveness in practice, the prospects for further development.

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  • Creating a classification of methods and ranking of commercial sites of the coal-energy and mining-metallurgical complexes with regard to their marketing. Development of the system criteria local commercial sites, their formalization and the digitized.

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  • Under current conditions telecommunication as the most rapidly-developing branch of engineering. Functional scheme digital commutation system for building communication networks. Distinctive features of hardware tools which are used in the system.

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