A-nets: a theoretical work bench for real-time network modeling

The theoretical workbench for real time network modeling. Implement different transition firing rules in A-nets. The Matlab as a Simulink block library. Execution time and facilitating model understanding. A-nets for message transmission modeling.

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  • A Petri net as a mathematical modeling notation, a bipartite graph which described by the five-tuple. Markings - natural numbers, when the maximal bound is set by last property described above - boundedness. Constructing and extending a spine tree.

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  • Development of a method for time series prediction, which dynamically finds weights for the input factors. Validation of the proposed method on a set of real time series, the assessment of its results in comparison with the method used as the base.

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  • A concept of a decision support system (DSS) for modeling and forecasting of economic and financial processes is proposed as well as its software implementation. The main functions of the DSS are in modeling of nonstationary nonlinear time series.

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  • Electroencephalography and Magnetoencephalography provide insight into neuronal processes in the brain in a real-time scale. This renders these modalities particularly interesting for online analysis methods to visualize brain activity in real-time.

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  • A negligibility-based framework to model network-centric security problems in mobile ad hoc networks. Modeling network-centric security in a negligibility-based framework with network scale as the input parameter and anti-disruption secure routing.

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  • Goal and task hierarchies. The model aspects of users: understanding, knowledge, intentions, processing. The study of complexity theory. Use rules of production. Device generalized transition networks. Four rules to model problem architectural spaces.

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  • This article describes the main features of the design in 3D format. Demonstrated the usefulness of this method in the design and in the analysis. Presents basic examples of the practical application of data modeling functions for real design solutions.

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  • A network protocol as a specification for the format and relative timing of the messages exchanged. Formalizing why and how vulnerabilities occur in protocols. Previous models. Automated tools. Terminology relationships. A network time protocol exploit.

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  • Diagrammatic: state transition networks, JSD diagrams, flow charts. Textual: formal grammars, production rules, CSP. Graphical notations, state-transition and Petri nets, state charts flow charts. The procedure for the use state charts in UML, STN.

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  • The concept and structure, as well as the laws of functioning of the Unified Modeling Language, history of its development. Precedents and conditions of effective use case diagrams. Research of a example of computer simulation and evaluation of results.

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