Methodological approaches to the analysis of innovations in governmental management

Analysis methodology implementation of administrative reform as a system of managerial innovations. Innovative activity as a combination of technology and best way to use social resources. The formation of the innovation paradigm of state administration.

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  • Characteristic the issues of assessing social innovations at the enterprises of the industrial sector. The process an index of social innovations development, based on quantitative indicators which characterize socially oriented innovative development.

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  • Comparative analysis of different approaches which touch the topic of evaluation of innovative activity and efficiency in regions. Directions increase profit from innovation sphere, maintaining sustainable development and competitiveness of the country.

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  • Review of the problem of formation of models and human resource management strategies in Ukrainian enterprises. Analysis of methodological approaches to the management of labor resources of the enterprise. Osobennoti definition of personnel strategy.

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  • Analysis of transformational changes in the system of motivation of labor at different levels. Formation of an effective system of motivation, which will ensure sustainable socio-economic development of the domestic economy on an innovative basis.

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  • Determination of the foundations of management analysis for the adoption of economically-informed decisions, assessing the reliability of partners and technology management analysis, to determine the most optimal variant of tax policy of the company.

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  • The article describes the guidelines of the updated version of the National Guideline "Medicinal Products. Distribution Practice". Progressive innovations are highlighted, in particular those concerning the top management activity in the quality field.

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  • Theoretical framework of management by engagement. Research design and methodology. Analysis of management by engagement implementation experience in Russian and global companies operating in Russia. Task level resources and organization of work.

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  • Analysis of the role of assessment in public administration in Poland, in the implementation of the principle of "good governance". Review evaluation functions related to the provision of information and knowledge about social programs among user groups.

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  • The study explores the corporate practices and procedures to deploy user-driven innovations. Presented study also discusses key terms of the user-driven innovation approach based on the strong analysis of research papers and various concepts comparison.

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  • Search for new effective ways to solve social problems in the management process. The mechanisms of corporate social responsibility, examples of their introduction into the Kazakhstan business. Distribution of managerial powers on the enterprises.

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