Comprehensive reconstruction of mandibular defects with free fibula flaps and endosseous implants

Consideration of microvascular reconstruction of defects of the lower jaw with a peroneal lid. Conducting reconstruction of the orofacial system, providing aesthetic and functional results. Versatility of the peroneal flap for reconstruction of defects.

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  • Percentage of functional heartburn patients among patients with normal endoscopy. Study of hypersensitivity to reflux, features of surgical antireflux treatment. Consideration of the close correlation between patients ' heartburn and reflux events.

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  • The treatment of fractured teeth can be complicated. This case report describes a case of crown-root fracture of a left lower first molar in which endodontic treatment and rapid orthodontic eruption of the tooth made good prosthetic restoration possible.

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  • Evaluation of the state of the cardiovascular system using magnitude variation of the phase trajectories of single-channel ECG. Methods to estimate patient’s grade of severity. Еffectiveness of the management the cardiovascular system’s functional state.

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  • Features and classification of injuries of the maxillofacial region. Sprains and fractures of teeth. Fractures of the mandible. Jawfall: causes, clinical manifestations. The anatomical shape of damaged residues. Treatment of mandibular fractures.

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  • Characteristic changes of the functional state of trained and untrained boys during physical load and recovery from it under the influence of the modulated electric current. Optimization of the activity of the cardiovascular system, autonomic functions.

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  • Main techniques of fabricating posts and cores. The most common types of post and core failures. Foto with example of a mandibular molar post and core caused multiple root fractures. Parallel-sided posts less, cause root fracture and tapered posts.

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  • Dysfunction of the lower extremities in stroke. Development and scientific substantiation of individual complex strategies for the rehabilitation of stroke patients to improve motor functions and balance, taking into account the neuropsychological status.

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  • Hemodynamics as the movement of blood through the vessels that occurs due to difference hydrostatic pressure in various parts of the circulatory system. Results of real-patient graph calculations. Circulatory system and its separation into two parts.

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  • The treatment sequel of post-traumatic teeth for the use of dental implants in the anterior maxillary region to rehabilitate anterior maxillary missing teeth. The postoperative incidents. The diagnosis of teeth and alveolar bone after a traumatic injury.

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  • Clinical case of pain in the upper jaw of the child as a result of trauma (fall to the ground). These X-ray studies, the method of treatment of occlusion. Conducting splinting results. Restoration of normal tooth color. Positive response to the test pulp.

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