Traversal of arbitrary sequences of UCM symbolic transitions for test generation

Methods of traversal of high-level multi-threaded models formalized in the Use Case Map computer language. Advantages and disadvantages of this approach compared to existing ones. Generation character lines that are used to test software systems.

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  • The study of accidents and disasters involving a variety of critical infrastructures, assessment of the level of fault tolerance software management systems. The calculation method based optimization of software testing management system infrastructure.

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  • Application software, the main types of software and operating systems. Ethics and intellectual property rights: when it is possible to copy. Guidelines for creating documents. Characteristics of communication software. Computer terms and their use.

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  • The impact of the used modeling language for the result of the synthesis models. Generating artificial logs events according to the BPMN 2.0, their implementation in the form of a program that extends the software platform Process Mining Framework (ProM).

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  • The software which automates the process of air-traffic situations generation. The set includes: airspace sector editor, dynamic situation generator. Reducing the generation time and increasing the quantities of practical tasks due to automation.

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  • The nodes of computer facilities and microprocessor systems. Architecture and software models of Intel microprocessors. Microprocessor systems on universal microprocessors and its programming. Microprocessor systems on microcontrollers and programming.

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  • A test-bed for research cyber-physical production systems and the hardware setup and the software environment. A new approach for distributed software and semantic data modelling is introduced. System SEPIA - а semantic cyber-physical system approach.

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  • The basic approaches to developing application software and computer system components. The generations of object-oriented programming languages. Types of computer systems and secondary storage, storage area network and output devices of information.

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  • The formation of a common information space. The describing of a new generation of information systems, which are provided the grow and further development of the enterprises and corporate decision-making effectiveness in current economical situation.

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  • Theory and practice for integrating strong security features into modern communications and computer applications. Efficient hardware implementations and speed software for embedded systems, smart cards, microprocessors, hardware and software security.

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  • Analysis of the specific features of automatic code generation for diagrams in the Dragon programming language. Computer’s training by creating an expert system as very different form of human learning. The algorithm of a trip by bus on Python 2.7.

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