The Oxford University

The higher education in Great Britain. The Oxford University, its history, structure of the university, sources of knowledge, the famous graduates of the university. Substantial donations, loans, and purchases of the museums in Oxford University.

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  • Characteristics of Higher Education in the United Kingdom. The main types of universities in the country. The peculiarity of the interview for the passage of the college. Analysis of Oxford and Cambridge, as the oldest and most prestigious institutions.

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  • Harvard University, sometimes simply refer to as Harvard, is a private university in Massachusetts. Charter creating Collegiate School. Leland Stanford, the university's founder. The Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources.

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  • Studying of english language in topics: the history of the english language, higher education in Russia, in Great Britain and in USA. Student’s life at Oxford, Cambridge and in Moscow state university. Exercises and questions for learning topics.

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  • The University of London is the largest university in the UK by number of full-time students. It consists of 18 self governing Colleges and 10 specialist research Institutes. The nine largest institutions of the federal university termed the colleges.

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  • Description, history of becoming and development of Poltava National Pedagogical University. Modern state of this educational establishment, prospects of his development in the future. Specialities which are prepared by Pedagogical National University.

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  • The need to develop a strategy for the digital transformation of university education and the formation of new information and communication competencies. Possible directions of transformation of educational services and accompanying business processes.

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  • Great Britain as the biggest island in Europe. Some features of political system of United Kingdom. London as one of the oldest and most interesting cities. The Oxford and Cambridge Universities - the most famous educational centers in the world.

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  • Обоснование необходимости изучения лексикографической продукции, описывающей национальные и вторичные варианты английского языка. Анализ лексики, заимствованной из языков Азии и Африки. Обзор состава и структуры словаря Common Indian Words in English.

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  • The medical profession in the United States as the most prestigious in the United States. Feature of the pre-medical studies at the university. Development of laboratory sciences and anatomy, physiology and human psychology. Analysis passing residency.

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  • The new ideas on semiotics in the volume on Studies in Logic from this University published in Boston. The most important problems of modern linguistics and modern semiotics. The work with a beautiful reference to semiotics in a paper by Bloomfield.

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