Total communication phenomena as a universal pattern of the existence of the international political world

The conceptualization of the phenomenon of interaction as a key model of the existence of an international world policy in the context of the doctrine of universal communication phenomena. Co-evolutionary principle of the international community.

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  • A brief overview of the origins and directions of the philosophy of communication. Analysis of the philosophical texts of Kierkegaard. Features and prerequisites for dialogical existence. Necessity and importance of dialogue with God for human existence.

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  • Review of the book by Bernard Kastrup, a specialist in the field of philosophy of mind. Contrasting the author's vision of the world with the existing ideas of the worldview. Consideration of the universal mind as the only fundamental essence of nature.

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  • Analysis of the concept of existential communication in various aspects and definition of its meaning from the point of view of the existential philosophy of Karl Jaspers. Justification of the connection of existential communication with human existence.

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  • An attempt to evaluate and analyze the principles of philosophy of contemporary Russian philosophers. The ratio of the divine principle and intuitive knowledge in human existence. Unconditional as a universal thought and consciousness about everything.

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  • Synthesizing concepts "naivety" and "philosophizing". Intellectual game as the form of communication. Myth - the principal means of perception of the world and world-view. Communication as a necessary condition of realization of naive philosophizing.

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  • The phenomenon of communication - the invariant that characterizes the most diverse approaches, theories and concepts in the field of modern anthropology. Conditions for the philosophical understanding of the communication of two existential "I".

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  • Conceptualization of the phenomenon of "Absolute right" as a basic principle in the architectonics of ethical paradigms. Measuring the relevance of the "absolute" and "right" in the discourse of the panlogical philosophical and legal paradigm of G. Hegel.

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  • The imitative capacity in nonhuman primates, the expressive power of their communication system. Imitation as one of the most powerful social learning mechanisms. Conceptual Issues in the Study of Communication. Ontogenetic Design and Communication.

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  • The value of imagination in science, the role that imagination plays in interdisciplinary scientific communication. A specific type of communication in which science is the subject of research. Inharmonious interaction between different disciplines.

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  • The paper aims at substantiating the meaningful relationship between Descartes’ and Pascal’s positions as two variants in responding to the demand of the era in the development of anthropology. The existence of the doctrine of human nature by Descartes.

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