TESCO PLC. External & Internal Analysis, SWOT-Analysis and Strategic Options

Approaching the analysis, validation of approach and tools used. The business made in electronic form. Acquaintance and justification of the tools used in the analysis. Force to exit or establish different format. Development of distribution centers.

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  • Comprehensive analysis of the external components of risk along with the methodology for decreasing risks. Concept of increasing the quality of information and analytical support for investment decisions that would enhance the efficiency of organization

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  • A methodology for criteria analysis and evaluation of research and financial-economic activity of scientific organizations. The methods of verbal decision analysis, which to operate with qualitative information without converting into a numeric form.

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  • Determination of the foundations of management analysis for the adoption of economically-informed decisions, assessing the reliability of partners and technology management analysis, to determine the most optimal variant of tax policy of the company.

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  • Introduction of information technologies, analysis of their influence on corporate efficiency and basic business processes. Increasing the competitive advantage of Russian companies. Development of a scale for assessing the level of business maturity.

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  • Analysis of the men business activity, principles of business activity. The evolutionary fundamentals of formation of modern form of the business activity. Level of the business activity evolutionary nature consideration as a macro-analysis level.

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  • Analysis of existing theories of crisis management. Effective practical tools to prevent crises. Timely prevention of negative public perception of the company. Social responsibility of business and the state. Features of communication in times of crisis.

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  • Management tools for managing credit risks. Indebtedness of buyers and existing customers on financial investments of companies. Factors that have a significant impact on the complex of credit risks. Analysis of the causes of losses of organizations.

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  • Definition of human resource management. Strategic people resourcing. Recruitment process in organization. Selection process and its methods. Generation theory and HRM. Strauss-Howe generational theory. Analysis of career expectations of Russian students.

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  • Changes in the macroenvironment as a source of new opportunities for the company. Especially the development of business strategy. General characteristics of Porter's Five Forces. Analysis of the factors determining the competitiveness of the industry.

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  • Modern social and cultural discourse. Analysis of the system-based approach (SBA) ideas development according to epistemological levels of cognition. New definitions of discourse and further develop discourse theory based upon new groundings of systems.

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