Senses and behavior of interactive environment

Interactive architecture as a new trend in design, based on consumer and space communication. Familiarity with the features of an interactive environment. Consider ways to create a continuous connection between society and the built environment.

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  • Types of personal crises and exit strategies. Research of professional mobility as a psychological phenomenon. Search for ways of professional-personal adaptation of the subject in a changing environment. Successful adaptation of personality in society.

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  • Familiarity with the principles and methods of communication. General characteristics of the electronic communication system, the main features. Analysis of the functions of the organizational structure. Consideration of the purposes of audio-visual aids.

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  • The emergence of the concept of the "human factor" and its impact on the integrated system "Driver-Car-Road-Environment" (DCRE). Human role in the transport safety system. The need to consider the human factor in the analysis of system security.

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  • Psychological features of cares of servicemen during seizure, transportation, interrogation, detention and replacement of prisoners of war between units. Study of the moral concern of prisoners of war regarding responsibility for their decisions.

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  • Familiarity with the peculiarities will manifest the psychomotor impotence of the sub’єct of extreme behavior. Zagalnuyu characteristic dіyalnіsnogo p_dhodu as a methodological basis for the continuation of the psychomotor behavior of the sub’єkt.

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  • Analysis of some aspects of nonverbal behavior of mentally retarded adolescents. Search for ways of correction of social-perceptual processes and behavior in real situations of interaction. Analysis of the method "Creating a non-verbal portrait".

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  • The theories of the computation of information. The conclusion about mental states and events with variations in the environment even as an individual's physical (functional, phenomenological) history, specified non-intentionally and indidualistically.

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  • Lymphocytic chalone and immune homeostasis. Classes of stress responses. Adaptive responses that are aimed at supporting constant internal environment. The impact of stress changes on protective systems of the body. Using a model of antigen load.

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  • Concept of an ideal image as part of a person's mental culture in the process of further educational work on the introduction of psychological and pedagogical conditions for the "inclusion" of students in a new educational environment are considered.

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  • Intellect as a mental construction of intellectual behavior, giftedness as its attribute. The concept of intellectual behavior as a theoretical basis for measuring giftedness, based on the proposed principles. Principles of development and evaluation.

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