Injuries of the maxillofacial region

Features and classification of injuries of the maxillofacial region. Sprains and fractures of teeth. Fractures of the mandible. Jawfall: causes, clinical manifestations. The anatomical shape of damaged residues. Treatment of mandibular fractures.

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  • A retrospective study of 208 cases of root fractures as a result of the maxillofacial trauma patient groups in age from 7 to 17 years. Positive effect splinting: its methods and tools type analysis of tissue healing when compared with other techniques.

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  • Healing and long-term prognosis of cervical root fractures. Transverse fractures limited to the cervical third of the root, oblique fractures involving both the cervical and middle parts of the root. Suboptimal reposition of displaced coronal fragments.

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  • Overview of maxillofacial manifestations of systemic and systemic diseases. Maxillofacial complex as a dynamic group of interconnected structures, mechanisms of identification of processes, including infectious, metabolic and immune system disorders.

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  • Main traumatic events involving dental structures. Examination of the patient with dental trauma. Classification of dental injuries. Traumatic injuries to teeth. Soft tissue and bony injuries. The effect of trauma on teeth and supporting tissues.

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  • Medical history progressing swelling in the canine region of the edentulous mandible. Treatment of tumors with a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Diagnosis of peri-implant bone loss around the mandibular implant with panoramic radiographs.

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  • Study of results of treatment of patients using the device Targon DR. The clinical effect of the treatment through the impact of the devices on the shared recovery of bone after fracture, preservation of reduction, and achieve good functional results.

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  • Any lesion that affects the dentition is as a dental trauma and its effect. Classification systems for traumatic dental injuries. Assessment of the criteria used for the diagnostic classification of dental injuries from an epidemiological standpoint.

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  • Vertical root fractures. Breakdown with deep periodontal pockets and vertical bone defects. Root fracture treatment using adhesive resin cement. Treatment of vertical root fracture. Distribution of the treated teeth. Prognosis of the treated teeth.

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  • Main techniques of fabricating posts and cores. The most common types of post and core failures. Foto with example of a mandibular molar post and core caused multiple root fractures. Parallel-sided posts less, cause root fracture and tapered posts.

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  • The cumulative survival rate of 190 endodontically treated posterior teeth be assessed in a retrospective study. Survival rate - retention of both cusps. Number of endodontically treated and survival rate of the resin-restored teeth. Fracture pattern.

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