Sberbank of Russia

Sberbank as the circulatory system of the Russian economy. Consideration of the customer base. Characteristics of the largest issuers of debit and credit cards. Consideration of the work of qualified professionals, aimed at improving the service sector.

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  • Study the nature, structure, stages of formation of the credit system. Determination of the functioning of commercial banks and their impact on the development of a credit system of Ukraine in conditions of market transformation of the national economy.

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  • Banking services and the banking system in England and Russia. The banking system is one of the most important instruments of the economy. Establishing a bank account. Structure of banking system. The responsibilities of the central bank in the UK.

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  • Consideration of the main criteria for qualitative selection of Islamic banks in terms of customer. Characteristics of the concepts of Islamic banking. The study of religious conflict in the service process. The main prospects and potential program banks.

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  • Overcoming consequences of the financial and economic crisis of 2008-2010. Problems of bank credit risk management. Quantitative and qualitative indicators of credit risk assessment of the various sectors of the economy. Loan portfolio optimization.

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  • Institutional structure of the banking sector in Russia and China and comparing among themselves. Analysis of the structural and institutional similarities and differences between the Russian and Chinese banking sector from a typological point of view.

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  • The comparison of the European banking system and the current financial sector in Russia as it is regulated by laws and by government acts and decisions. Studying the activity of the "Incombank" in Chelyabinsk. Specific and nonspecific bank services.

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  • Origins and features of money. Brief history of banking. The Modern banking system of the world. The Banking system of modern Russian Federation. Commercial banks: current problems and salvations. The gold and foreign exchange reserves of Russia.

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  • The Banking System as a crucial component of the global economy. Provide Safety. Act as Payment Agents. Economic Concepts in Banking. Settle Payments. Credit Intermediation. Maturity Transformation. Money Creation. Wholesale Deposits. Buy/Hold Securities.

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  • Analysis of the problems and factors that led to the long-term stagnation of the banking sector of the credit market and the cessation of certain types of bank lending. The trend of active growth of the share of loans issued in the non-banking sector.

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  • The state participation in the financial sector. On example of the Russian banking industry to suggest criteria for a more accurate definition of public sector boundaries and an assessment of the scale of state presence in the national banking market.

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