Analysis of some aspects of microorganisms application for inorganic and minerals treatment

Discussion the possibility of integrating methods of biotechnology, namely the elimination of oil pollution using biodegradation, obtaining of microbial nanoparticles, technology of microbial fuel cells and others. Bacterial growth on metal surface.

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  • Raw milk quality is essential and is closely monitored, quality standards. Microbial contamination of raw milk. Sources of Microbial Contamination as detected by Bacteriological Procedures. Causes of high bacteria is result a combination of factors.

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  • Determination of toxicity for plants of the unbroken residue obtained after microbial fermentation in a horizontal fermenter of mixed food waste. It has been established that the mixed substrate is toxic to plants, because the seeds did not sprout.

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  • Obtaining the culture of neural network multipotent stem cells (NC-MSCs) under the new cultivation conditions and studying their biological properties. The order of using the following methods: directed multi-level differentiation, CFU analysis.

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  • Studing the composition of aboriginal bacterial community of coal tailing and to evaluate lixiviation activity of different groups of microorganisms belonging to this community. The saving cultures of microorganisms from different physiological groups.

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  • Soil as a multiple-factor system with a variety of diverse species of microorganisms and relationships between them. The interactions between populations via metabolites - a crucial condition for maintaining the stability of microbial communities.

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  • A natural source of hyaluronic acid, humour rabbit vitreous. Regeneration by inhibition of cell differentiation. Morphology of rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and NT2 cells. Expression of Oct4 and Sox2 genes. Cell surface antigen expression.

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  • Description protein A, G and L as native or recombinant proteins of microbial origin, especially their binding to mammalian immunoglobulins. The feasibility of applying affinity chromatography with use of sorbents on the basis of immobilized proteins.

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  • DNA: Structure, function. Basic techniques in gene analysis. Polymerase chain reaction. Protein production and purification. Genome sequencing projects. Post-genome analysis. Engineering animal cells. Engineering animals. Transfection of animal cells.

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  • Characterization and study of bacterial diseases on agricultural crops and weeds under different cropping systems. The definition of biological properties, identification of pathogens, traditional and modern molecular-genetic methods of research.

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  • Characterization the potential of microorganisms as producers of new antibiotics. Research of problems and prospects of biotechnological production of antibiotics in the world and Ukraine in particular. Analysis of process preparation of inoculum.

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