Handbook of Metamemory and Memory

T. Nelson: life and comments on implications of his functional view of metacognitive memory monitoring. Primers on metamemory and memory. Current directions in memory monitoring and control. Contemporary issues involving the metamemory-memory framework.

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  • Definition of Motivation. Behavioral Views, cognitive Views of Motivation. The Humanistic View, the Impact of Cooperative Learning on Motivation. Suggestions for Teaching in Classroom: Motivating Students to Learn. Resources for Further Investigation.

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  • Subject of cross-cultural psychology. The ethical problems of data collection. Ethnocentric or egocentric perception. The differences of cross-cultural psychology and cultural psychology. The psychological implications of intercultural communication.

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  • Defining a model of social competences, distinguishing similar concepts and identifying the main problems associated with the wide use of terms. Consideration of the application of social competencies. Bringing an overview of promising research tasks.

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  • Deontology as a doctrine of moral and ethical issues. Principles of interaction with colleagues. Criticism as a personal allowance of perfection. The main ways to take criticism well. Methods to improve interpersonal relationships and their benefits.

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  • Dennett, realism and anti-realism, and pragmatism. Fodor and the rationalist tradition. A brain's-eye view of intentionality. Propositional-attitude attributions as attributions of multiple, and fluid and unstable-based, determinable dispositions.

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  • Explicate and extend a theoretical approach that tried to avoid pitfall the approach of the Soviet psychologist and semiotics Lev Semenovich Vygotsky. Biographical sketch. The three themes that form the core of Vygotsky's theoretical framework.

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  • Review of the problem of sociocultural conditioning of the practice of providing psychological assistance. An empirical study of the features of the representation of this phenomenon in the professional consciousness of practicing psychologists.

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  • Definition of motivation. Behavioral, cognitive and the humanistic view of motivation. The impact of cooperative learning on motivation. Suggestions for teaching in your classroom: motivating students to learn. Resources for further investigation.

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  • An analysis of the principles of the construction and functioning of an integrated socio-psychological program supporting the subjective well-being of an individual in marriage. Methods of psychological help: role play, psycho-technical exercises.

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  • Anatomic brain imaging studies of normal and abnormal brain development in children. Typical and atypical human functional brain development. The study of psychopathology in adolescence: integrating affective neuroscience with the study of context.

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