Handbook of Metamemory and Memory

T. Nelson: life and comments on implications of his functional view of metacognitive memory monitoring. Primers on metamemory and memory. Current directions in memory monitoring and control. Contemporary issues involving the metamemory-memory framework.

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  • An analysis of available systematic methodological, theoretical, empirical and experimental studies devoted to the study of individual components of human individuality and individuality of man as an integral. The system approach used in this process.

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  • The subject of correlation between leadership and management in social psychology. The leader and his features as a subject of research in the framework of various schools and theories. The interrelation of separate elements of process of leadership.

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  • Topical issues in the sphere of psychological and pedagogical support of substitutive families at a selection and preparation stage. Socio-demographic and psychological characteristics of the citizens who have expressed a wish to adopt an orphan child.

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  • Anatomic brain imaging studies of normal and abnormal brain development in children. Typical and atypical human functional brain development. The study of psychopathology in adolescence: integrating affective neuroscience with the study of context.

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  • Ways of looking at the World: Epistemological Issues in Qualitative Research. Consideration of research methodology in the works of psychologists of American Psychological Association Paul M. Camic, Jean E. Rhodes, Lucy Yardley, Elliot Eisner and others.

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  • Consideration of common issues related to the development of adolescents with congenital and acquired motor defects. Influence of cerebral palsy on the intellectual sphere and motor development of adolescents. Clinical manifestations of the disease.

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  • Psychology and Common Sense. The support and structure of neurons. The Growth of the Central Nervous System. Sociobiology and sexual behaviour. Psychosomatic disorders and panic attacks. Hunger and the Control of Food Intake. The Development of Emotion.

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  • Features of testing the dimensional structure of Beck's hopelessness scale. Comparison of factor-analytical models from the point of view of dependence of the size structure of affect on the level of cognitive development and general variation of affect.

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  • The formation of a complex image of the expert of modern psychiatric service. View of personal, professional, moral and ethical and other features of the person. Increase of the professional competence of the expert of modern psychiatric service.

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  • The professional growth of the manager - key figure of a control system in various spheres of social practice. The autopsychological competence - a sign of a psychological maturity of personality, which based on responsibility and self-determination.

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