The role of a tutor in teaching values

Characteristics and value of education in preparing the future functioning of children in society, creation of proper interpersonal relations. The selection of key learning methods of students, the role of the teacher in the educational process.

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  • Education has a huge impact in a modern, complex industrialized society. Due to teaching way it divides into: school, pre-school and high educational institutions, there are also different subjects, which influences on a process of personality training.

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  • The teacher's role in the intellectual development of students. The evidence that different teaching methods can stimulate the learner, the social context of the study of ordinary iews difference in performance associated with different levels of IQ.

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  • The use of songs in the learning process. The role of music in English language teaching and its impact on children of primary school age. Review of modern methods of learning English. Consideration of the effectiveness of innovative teaching methods.

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  • Examines the introduction of teaching methods into the educational process, among which the leading role is given by the educational material that allows students to form knowledge. Research of the teaching materials, as a pedagogical technique.

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  • Professional awareness and professional competences and qualifications of the teacher of children in the pre-school and early school stages. Basic components of the educational process and their interrelations. Definition of the concept of emancipation.

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  • Requirements for teacher to its responsibility for the implementation of training programs. The value of using teaching methods to interest students in the learning process. different teaching methods that will result in higher student achievement.

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  • Characteristics of categories of human knowledge. Peculiarities of the methodology of teaching in the primary school, focused on the student's individuality and capabilities, the role of this methodology in the personalization of the learning process.

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  • Effective web services; their role in the organization of the educational process. Positive impact web services on students and the educational process. Interaction between students and a teacher, self-development, increase interest, creative activity.

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  • The role of the teacher to enrich the vocabulary of students. Consideration of ways to learning a foreign language in the modern school. Main terms of teaching vocabulary, allowing the maximum to activate the work of students in learning new words.

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  • Description and explanation role play activities. The nature of role-playing games. The technique of teaching language. Learner and teacher roles. Classroom practices and behaviors. The concept of immersion in playing. Problems of accelerating learning.

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