A choice of the most appropriate strategy of a banking group consolidation scope change

The four-level model of the choice of strategy changes in the consolidation perimeter. Strategy for the financial condition of the banking group, participant of the banking group. Indicators of the financial condition of participant of the banking group.

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  • The estimated coefficients of the U.S. banking sector. Ranking of multiples of projected financial indicators according to their effectiveness for a period of from 30 to 200 days. The account of influence of factors on the accuracy of the estimation.

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  • Study the features of the history of Islamic banking. Characteristics of the aspects of unique financial institution. The main principles of Islamic banking. Review the basics of financial transactions. Purpose and main functions of Tabung Haji.

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  • The banking system and its impact on financial stability and strength of the state economy. The emergence, characteristics and development of Islamic financial system, a description of the main principles of its functioning. The essence of Islamic banking

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  • Determining the importance of customers as a valuable asset in the competitive struggle of banks in the modern financial market. Consideration and characterization of the features of the process innovate banking business and expand to new markets.

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  • Theoretical bases and improving the regulation and supervision of banking activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Financial Supervisory Committee. Implementation of the prudential norms largest second-tier banks. The stability of the banking system.

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  • Mobile banking as the Bank account management using tablet computer, smartphone or regular phone. Mobile banking development and its characteristics. Multinomial logit and probit regression results for the effect of ease of use on banking usefulness.

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  • Electronic banking, as an activity of financial-credit institutions providing complex services to customers with the help of computer technology. Characteristics of the main factors influencing the decision of clients to use this banking technology.

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  • The banking system is a key element of the financial system. Factors affecting the stability of the Russian banking system. The role of the probability of default in the process of risk management. The rating of banks based on their likelihood of default.

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  • The concept and the main causes of bad loans, an assessment of their prevalence in modern banking system of Ukraine. Their financial rationale and ways to solve this problem. The process of checking the quality of a bank loan, requirements to it.

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  • The impact of financial dollarization on the profitability of the banking system in Ukraine, to identify banks with higher level of credit and Deposit dollarization. Regression analysis to assess the impact of dollarization on banking activities.

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