Using first language in English as a Second Language (ESL) Classroom

Identify the advantages and disadvantages of using the first language in classroom. Theoretical Arguments against L1 Use. Methodology of teaching of first language students in universities. Teaching English through TPR (Total Physical Response approach).

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  • Necessity to develop citizens’ knowledge of foreign languages. Development of system of study of foreign language in the field of speaking skills. G.V. Rogova "Methods of teaching English" and J.J. Jalolov "English language teaching methodology".

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  • Language learning through music. The studying of the usage of songs as tools for English Language Teaching. The analizing how language learning and music relate to each other. Using songs as audio materials in teaching English as a foreign language.

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  • Advantages and disadvantages of using games in language teaching. Various types of games in teaching. Games in different kinds of classes. Appropriate situations to use or not to use games in language teaching. Investigation amongst adult learners.

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  • General characteristics of the most advanced methods of teaching foreign languages. Familiarity with the main features, arguments for and against teaching students with a low level of English for special purposes without an intermediary language.

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  • The investigation of the effect of humor on teaching English language as a second language in order to define the relationship between humor and successful second language acquisition. Does humor help the English language learners study more effectively?

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  • The goals of language teaching. The aspects of language knowledge. The processes of second language learning. The kinds of classroom activities that best facilitate learning. The roles of teachers and learners in the classroom. Proposals for a syllabus.

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  • The methods of teaching for pupils, who study English as second language. The Silent Way as the method of teaching. Communicative Approach for Ukrainian teachers, professors and instructors or combine different methods. Functional Categories of Language.

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  • Theoretical bases of testing. The history of testing and the meaning of testing methods. Types of tests. Testing as a method of motivation of pupils in teaching English language. Сlassification of tests and description their advantages and disadvantages.

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  • Test type problem used in English language, which is the important aspect of the process of English language learning and teaching. It considers different types of tests used in English language. The role of tests in language learning improve it.

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  • This article deals with the issues of teaching the lexis in the english language, also tackles the issue of the lexical aspect and the problems of selecting lexical material at different stages of training. Methods of teaching foreign languages.

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