Philosophy of transgression: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Friedrich Nietzsche

The origin of the philosophy of transgression in the teachings of Hegel and Nietzsche. Spirit, otherness, withdrawal and denial as concepts of philosophy, explication of their ontological content. Comparison of the main paradigms of transgression.

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  • The projection of new concepts of philosophy into the borderline area of philosophy and astrophysics. The dark matter and dark energy have produced discussions, the impossibility to discover phenomena and essence of new area of objective reality.

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  • Analysis of the works of the exponent of German philosophy Hegel in the philosophical heritage of philosophers V. Shinkaruk, P. Kopnin and M. Bulatov. Coverage of the problem of man, the dialectic of material and spiritual life, worldview and culture.

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  • Illustrated brief history of western philosophy. The studying works of Socrates. A theory of ideas of Plato. The system of Aristotle. The critical philosophy of Kant. Logic and the foundations of mathematics. The main ideas of philosophy of Wittgenstein.

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  • The ontological difference is indeed the dominant theme in the history of philosophy. The symbolic difference in Political Philosophy. Political symbols will appear to be paradigmatic for the phenomenological reformulation of the ontological difference.

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  • Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind. The directions of development: the western and eastern. Prominent representatives and their teachings.

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  • The most significant concepts in the philosophy of language. A feature of philosophical knowledge of the XX century. Hard determination of scientific apparatus of modern science. Exploring the theory and practice of interpretation by hermeneutics.

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  • The intersubjectivity - a concept invented by Edmund Husserl in "Ideas Pertaining to a Pure Phenomenology and a Phenomenological Philosophy". The origin of sciences according to Descartes. The link between human and world - the problem of philosophy.

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  • Friendship - is so closely linked to the very definition of philosophy that without it, philosophy would not in fact be possible. The intimacy of friendship and philosophy is so deep that philosophy includes the philos, the friend, in its very name.

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  • A location development of mathematics is in a theory and history of philosophy. Dogmatic analysis of basic categories of mathematics, engendered in philosophy. Research of development of mathematical methods of cognition in general history of philosophy.

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  • Excess and the process of closure Bataille’s text a subjectivity defined as the paradoxical unicity of a problematic closure. The movement of this description, considered from the perspective of its outward forms. It includes multiple discursive modes.

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