Hard tissue management: osseous access, curettage, biopsy and root isolation

General characteristics and milestones for bone access, curettage, biopsy and root isolation. The concept and principles of periradicular surgery, the methods and techniques. Removal of bone and root tip. Assessment of the results of the operation.

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  • Study of results of treatment of patients using the device Targon DR. The clinical effect of the treatment through the impact of the devices on the shared recovery of bone after fracture, preservation of reduction, and achieve good functional results.

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  • Innovative endodontic material - Dual cured sealant resin. Evaluation and comparative analysis of radiopacity and rheological properties of the sealant to the RS are currently available. Key obturation materials and technologies. Root canal filling.

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  • Soft tissue healing. Epithelial repair. Connective tissue repair. Role of saliva and gingival crevicular fluid in oral wound healing. Surgical site closure. Suture materials. Suture techniques and removal. Clinical review of the soft tissue healing.

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  • Apical periodontitis – equilibrium between protective and destructive mechanisms. Inflammatory events in response to root canal infection. Initiation of the apical periodontitis lesion – interaction between resident host cells and root canal microbes.

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  • Dentinal dysplasia is a hereditary disturbance in dentine formation. In this anomaly, teeth in both primary and secondary dentitions are affected, and radiographically show short and blunted roots with obliterated root canals and periapical pathosis.

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  • Effect of continuous ultrasonic irrigation on postoperative pain in mandibular molars with nonvital pulps: a randomized clinical trial. Micro-computed tomographic evaluation of root canal system cleaning. Technologies to improve root canal disinfection.

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  • This systematic review examines the radiographic assessment of healing following the initial and secondary periradicular surgery. The ability to assess postsurgical healing reliably is pertinent to the ultimate goal of endodontic surgical therapy.

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  • The treatment of fractured teeth can be complicated. This case report describes a case of crown-root fracture of a left lower first molar in which endodontic treatment and rapid orthodontic eruption of the tooth made good prosthetic restoration possible.

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  • Meaning of calcium hydroxide as intracanal medicament for antimicrobial activity. Physico-chemical properties of this substance and its efficacy for disinfecting the entire root canal system. The relationship of calcium hydroxide with medications.

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  • Example of the prominent accessory cusp on the palatal surface of the left lateral incisor. The image of the affected crown. Talon cusp after the grinding performed. Occlusal forces and changes in the alveolar bone and periodontal connective tissue.

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