Data mining patterns: new methods and applications

Pattern discovery in biosequences. Social network mining from the web. Discovering spatio-textual association rules in document images. Discovery of latent patterns with hierarchical bayesian mixed-membership models and the issue of model choice.

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  • Web Service Composition (WSC) is a process that helps to save much programming and cost effort by reusing existing components – web services. This paper presents an overview of current state-of-the-art Web Service Discovery and Selection methods.

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  • Характеристика особенностей объектно-ориентированного программирования. Этапы разработки программных систем с использованием ООП. Объектно-ориентированный подход к описанию биомедицинских данных. Понятие и характеристика Data Mining, его задачи.

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  • Designing for maximum usability. The essential characteristics of rules in the form of standards and guidelines in order to enhance the interactive properties of the system. Principles of flexibility and robustness. HCI design patterns and golden rules.

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  • A wireless sensor network of distributed autonomous sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions and to cooperatively pass their data through the network. The analysis of models of wireless sensor network with random access is presented.

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  • Разработка методологии анализа сигналов с использованием технологии Data Mining, алгоритмов сегментации сигналов, классификации их элементов и построения структурной модели. Создание программного обеспечения, реализующего предложенные алгоритмы.

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  • The model and structure of the intrusion detection system, which is built on the basis of immunological principles. Detecting the network traffic status. The decision rules for the classification of States of network traffic of a computer network.

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  • Применение методов классификации, моделирования и прогнозирования, основанных на применении деревьев решений, искусственных нейронных сетей, генетических алгоритмов, эволюционного программирования. Задачи и возможности Data Miner в Statistica 8.

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  • Methods to analyse people's jobs. Approaches to task analysis. Development of the script processing, review grammar. Description of the procedure subtasks, hierarchical evaluation tasks using temporary operators. Refinement description of the model.

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  • Motivation from Genetic and Evolutionary Computation. Factorization of the Search Distribution. The Convex and Concave Lagrangian. FDA Factorizations and Region Graphs. Probabilistic Optimization and Linkage Learning. Learning Bayesian Networks from Data.

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  • Network monitoring methodology development as stage of data center infrastructure organizing due to requirements of services efficiency and stability. Process of hot-spot evaluation of the network data indexes. Comparative judgment matrix forming method.

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