"The Nyaya on True Cognition (prama)" Visvabandhu Tarkatirtha’s

A discussion of the Nyaya concept of truth (pramatva), which is a property of cognition. Relationship of mutual determinant and defined (paraspara-nirapya-nimpaka). The existence of a defect called sankarya. Knowledge of the truth in Navya-Nyaya.

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  • Role of the study of the truth conditions of sentences in attempt of language. The proper role of truth in explaining language-use by Michael Dummett. The usages of the concept "foresee". General characterization of truth-inducing sensual contexts.

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  • The definition of truth and the general problem of the foundations of semantics. Some remarks regarding the extension of the concept of truth. Typical examples of semantic concepts. Author's response to the polemical objection concerning its research.

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  • In article Kripke showed that a language can consistently contain its own truth predicate, which was deemed impossible by A. Tarski, a pioneer in the area of theories of truth. A proof of the existence of the minimal and of various maximal fixed points.

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  • Truth as obviously a crucially important topic in a theory of knowledge. Consideration of the characteristics of transcendentalism and realism. The idea of a conceptual frame work as important in a consideration of the three philosophers in discussion.

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  • Consideration of the main arguments of the deflationary concept of truth, characterization of the approaches of A. Tarsky, W. V. Quine, H. Putnam. Deflation of "truth" with necessity require deflation of "false". Arising at the elimination of false.

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  • Conception of science according to Thomas Kuhn. This paper has been entirely with refuting those arguments by which Kuhn purports to show that scientific method is not a means by which men can approach nearer to knowledge of the truth about the world.

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  • Attempt to draw lessons from the metalogical philosophical texts. Interpretation of formulas as the basic truths or basic items of knowledge that are chosen as an axiom, an interpretation of a derivative truths - given appropriate transformation rules.

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  • This essay gives an account of the exchanges between J. Derrida and H. Gadamer at the Goethe Institute in Paris in April 1981. An analysis of the questions that Derrida poses concerning "communication" as an axiom from which we derive decidable truth.

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  • Investigation of the peculiarities of religious and secular worldview. Analysis of the nature of truth in Christianity. Features of the doctrinal and existential approach to religion in conditions of pluralism. The Essence of Rawls' Political Liberalism.

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  • Analysis of the role and place of faith in the concept of the creator of the first Russian philosophical system V.S. Solovyov. Features of determining the methodological meaning of faith in the understanding of Solovyov as a special factor of cognition.

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  • Familiarity with the peculiarities of the emergence of tender issues from the foundations of classical philosophy. Analysis of the phenomenon of will-to-truth as a spontaneous desire of man to know being. Ways to solve the problem of social justice.

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  • Philosophy of Wolf - philosopher, representative of rationalism and popularizer of systematists ideas of Leibniz. Ontology as the science of the first ground of things and of human knowledge. Consideration in the ontology concept of being and knowing.

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  • The process of transition from the early representational view of cognition to the late anti-representational view, presented in the form of epistemological constructivism. Philosophy of modernity, which offered a approach to the problem of cognition.

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  • A psychodynamic approach to understanding the psyche. The interrelationships of the substructures of the psyche in their conscious and unconscious manifestations, on the research possibilities of the "Active Social Psychological Cognition" method.

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  • Cognition of cognition through intuition or through inference. Descartes' use of relevant expressions. The terms used by Descartes to denote the ambiguous status of the cogito, a consistent interpretation of the scientist's proposed explanations.

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  • The author's response to criticism of opponents (D. Dennett, J. Nobe, A.V. Kuznetsov and D. Stolzhar). Searching for truth about intuition. The reliability of the intuition-based method. The difference between "intuitive" and "reflexive" judgments.

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  • The study of the methodological approach, according to which the mind as a whole and in all its forms can be reduced to faith, knowledge and cognition. Analysis of cognitivism as a paradigm principle, introduced in the field of philosophy and humanities.

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  • The specificity of thinking process, its forms: notions and judgments. Mistakes of thinking and how to eliminate them. Specific rationalism of K. Twardowski is a combination of inductive and deductive methods of cognition and acquisition of knowledge.

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  • The specifics of the classical stage of the philosophy of language, in which language was characterized as a creative process, a means of spiritual creativity and the search for truth. Isolation of the philosophy of language in the works of V. Humboldt.

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  • The concept of the industrial society was formulated by R. Aron. D. Bell was the first to describe the new society of mutual services. In the absence of an adequate term, he called this society the post-industrial society, emphasizing its difference.

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  • Study of the origin and evolution of language. Characterization of the processing and understanding of abstract terms and concepts. Theoretical considerations and generalizations of the established relationship between emotions, cognition and language.

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  • The ownership of knowledge and social inequality. Intellectual division of labour between producers and consumers of knowledge. The policy for legal protection of intellectual property. The income of employees to consequences for the educational system.

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  • Study of the philosophical foundations of mathematics Quine and his kraynihpozitsy nominalism. Concept ontological relativity and the holistic thesis, submitted to the philosopher. Minimization of logic functions using Quine, use truth table function.

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  • In this essay, defend a pluralism concerning the concept of knowledge and show that the seven types of knowledge, that we distinguish, can be unified by criteria which characterize the types of knowledge as being critical. The general critical question.

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  • Features of the historical transformation of the philosophical methodology of cognition in the creative heritage of B. Spinoza. Analysis of the concept of substance, which plays a meaningful (backbone) and formal (methodological) role in his philosophy.

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