Microsurgical instruments for root-end cavity preparation following apicoectomy

The advantages of ultrasonic or sonic root-end preparation compared to conventional bur preparation: a deeper root-end preparation, alignment in the original path of the root canal, a reduced risk of lingual perforation. A debridement of gutta-percha.

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  • Anoral and maxillo-facial surgeon, an endodontist and a general dental practitioner viewed the radiograph independently under standard conditions. Orthograde root-canal treatment for endodontic problems. Orthograde nonsurgical root-canal treatment.

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  • Laser applications in endodontics, their use in pulp diagnosis, dentinal hypersensitivity, pulpotomy, sterilization of root canals, root canal shaping and obturation and apicectomy. The effects of laser on root canal walls and periodontal tissues.

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  • Pulpitis and apical periodontitis. Microbial ecology of the endodontium. The concept of infected and noninfected roots. Treatment of endodontic infection. Principles of and rationale for irrigation. Calcium hydroxide: indications and forms of application.

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  • The root canal treatment usually fails when the treatment is carried out inadequately. The aetiology of the failure of root canal treatment, particularly in cases of well-treated root canals. Indications for the treatment of endodontic failures.

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  • Root resorption from the point of view of clinical relevance and revised terminological system that corresponds to our present understanding of the resorptive processes in teeth. Inflammatory resorption and replacement resorption. Wall of the root canal.

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  • Characteristics of the uninfected root canal surface. Extirpated pulp and SEM view of pulp separating from dentine surface with odontoblastic processes. Mechanical properties of dentine in teeth with vital and non-vital pulps. Effect on canal contents.

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  • A retrospective study of 208 cases of root fractures as a result of the maxillofacial trauma patient groups in age from 7 to 17 years. Positive effect splinting: its methods and tools type analysis of tissue healing when compared with other techniques.

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  • Root fractures are combined injuries to the dentin, elementum, pulp and periodontal ligament. the healing patterns of such injuries remain unanswered. satisfactory healing of root fractures, in the absence of invasive management, over a 5-year period.

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  • The optimal post length. Importance of the post diameter. Avoiding of the root perforations. The implications of using an excessively large rotary instrument. The process of the preparing the distal canals of molars. Instruments for post preparations.

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  • Healing and long-term prognosis of cervical root fractures. Transverse fractures limited to the cervical third of the root, oblique fractures involving both the cervical and middle parts of the root. Suboptimal reposition of displaced coronal fragments.

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