A practical approach to validation of credit scoring models

The implementation of the Third Basel Accord raises many technical issues regarding the validation of credit risk models. Bank regulators will to testing model validation processes in order to examine the predictive accuracy of banks’ credit scoring.

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  • The model of stimulating the crediting of fixed assets of the processing industry of Kazakhstan. The analysis of their impact on lending and key determinants of credit risk. Basic principles and elements of the model, the recommended interest rate.

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  • The structure of banking resources and forms of credit. Advantages and disadvantages of the loan. Characteristics of the activities of banks "Bank Turan Alem" and "Kazkommertsbank". Development of recommendations to improve the quality of lending.

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  • A description of the main obligations imposed on the national regulatory systems of non-bank financial institutions in different countries in order to improve their development. The problems in the field of regulating their activities and solutions.

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  • The essence and methodology of the formation of trade credit policy. Definition of the parameters of credit policy, trade credit insurance conditions as well as the mechanism for collecting payments and ways of cash receipts acceleration.

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  • The level of financial markets’ development, accessibility of credit resources. Summary statistics of parameters of interest, split by export status. Typical overlap plot for most of model specifications. Firms that have the potential to start exporting.

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  • The contribution of scientists in the development of methods of valuation of collateral. The assessment of financial risks in credit operations. Unification and formalization of procedures for the assessment of buildings used as collateral for the loan.

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  • The history of the emergence and spread of money. Materials used for the manufacture of coins in ancient times. Payment for purchases in cash or plastic cards, advantages and disadvantages. The credit policy of the state. Saving and spending money.

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  • Characteristic manifestations of systemic risk in the banking sector, including its impact on activities of systemically important banks. The list of systemically important banks in Ukraine in several ways. Proposals to reduce systemic risk in the Bank.

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  • Features of the development of Kazakhstan's economy in recent years. Monetary policy at the macro level action-oriented activities of the National Bank. Strategic policy directions for the medium term predictability of policies of the National Bank.

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  • The relationship between the main financial products of financial, credit institutions in Tajikistan and remittances of migrant workers. Assessment by financial institutions of all costs and benefits associated with the retention of migrant remittances.

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