Blockchain as a technology of future employment

The feasibility of implementation of blockchain technology in Kazakhstan. The study in field of employment and career history verification potential candidate’s. Advantages of blockchain technology the in exposure of the truth of job applications.

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  • Estimating aggregate technology, controlling for utilization. Data, estimating technology change. Estimates and summary statistics. Alternative VAR specifications and granger causality. The standard RBC model. The "Cleansing effect of recessions".

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  • Science cities in Russia - unique organizational units which are supposed to have high potential for technology development. A synergy effect of the territorial concentration of science and industry - the source of competitive advantage for clusters.

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  • Понятие и сущность денежных систем. Работа механизма обращения денег. Принципы функционирования рыночной денежной системы. Понятие монометаллизма и биметаллизма, система равновесия золотомонетного стандарта. Система Blockchain в различных странах мира.

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  • The study of the problem of youth employment in the labor market of Ukraine. Substantiation of factors of influence on effective employment of youth, development of a factorial model of an estimation of employment on the basis of their classification.

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  • The stages of innovative development of enterprises with a view to enhancing the efficiency of their interaction with the technology parks. Studying the mechanisms for attracting enterprises to technology parks without involving of any state subsidies.

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  • Discussing of the problem of unregistered employment, its scale and characteristics in Poland. The scale of unregistered employment in Poland. Participation of students in a particular form of employment and assessment of employment forms attractiveness.

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  • The procedure is complex monitoring of the competitiveness of the labor potential of regions and the analysis of its components. Defining the main strategic areas of potential employment increase competitiveness in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

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  • The content of the category employment. Identified the dominant factors influencing the development of the labour market and in Ukraine. Analysis of the main tendencies of employment in reions. The key problems that require structural changes in economy.

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  • The affects of the information flow on chartering services. Tool that facilitates business processes on maritime market. The maritime chartering market reactions on introducing Internet technology. Modern information and communication technology.

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  • Analyzes of employment problems due to the slowdown of the economy, which now experiences a deep stagnation. A negative impact a small period of unemployment early in the career of a graduate on the professional development in future. Unemployment in EU.

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