A new method to enhance workforce productivity: tasks optimisation and promotion of collaboration

The impacting social relationships on productivity. Competitive company model being adopted in Europe, structure workflows. Тools that can help organizations be more flexible. Development and introduction of new methods for increasing labor productivity.

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  • Rest, entertainment, leisure and tourism as very important means of health recovery, relaxation and the increase of people’s labor productivity. Analysis specific features of social and economic situation, which concerns tourism in Khabarovskiy krai.

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  • General characteristics of the english labor market model, basic functions. The foregoing features of wage rules in a nonstationary environment. Analysis of the actual wage, which is in the middle of bargaining set for the median productivity state.

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  • Grouping of countries according to the compliance rate of gross domestic product and the total factor productivity to determine the type of development. Improving the institutional business environment in order to enhance the economic performance.

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  • The issues of building the enterprise competitive development strategy in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the methods and tools of enterprise performance analysis in the context of competitiveness. The evaluation methods of competitive strategies.

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  • The concept and general characteristics of the national income, its structure and components. Macroeconomic indicators and criteria for assessing the national income and the factors affecting it. Analysis of labor productivity in a market economy.

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  • The essence of the model of social protection in Kazakhstan. Features of the geographical location and the national structure of the country. The use of forecasting methods for the formation of public policy. Determination of economic development trends.

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  • Elaborated of system approach to the analysis of economic systems reforming with underlining the importance of reform "management" factor which defines productivity of economic development. Characteristic features of correction of J. Hellmann’s model.

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  • Development of quality management systems Minimizing the loss of the company resources. Quality management: concept, functions and methods. The major competitive advantages of the enterprise. The modern international standards on quality in the company.

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  • Methodology cognitive modeling - the effective method for the complex study at the conceptual and mathematical levels poorly structured social, ecological and economic systems. Environmental management model competitive territorial industrial complex.

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  • Analysis of the formation and development of market relations in the labor sphere in countries that have gone the same way with Ukraine. Dynamics of index and subindices of competitiveness in selected countries. Ways to mitigate significant social risks.

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