Earnings management, competition and cooperative banks' risk-taking: international evidence

Earnings management, competition and cooperative banks' risk-taking. This paper investigates the interrelationship between earnings management, competition and risk using the panel data of 615 cooperative banks in 16 countries during the 1994–2007 period.

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  • Trends in credit risk management in the modern banking system of Kazakhstan. The consequences of the crisis on the world financial markets and its impact on the emergence of new approaches to risk management. Ways to improve credit risk management.

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  • Development of a scheme of stress testing in a commercial bank. Its main tasks, stages of the procedure and approaches to the assessment of individual risks. Use of the proposed approach in assessing potential risks in the conditions of Ukrainian banks.

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  • Overcoming consequences of the financial and economic crisis of 2008-2010. Problems of bank credit risk management. Quantitative and qualitative indicators of credit risk assessment of the various sectors of the economy. Loan portfolio optimization.

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  • Theoretical basis of formation and management of second tier banks’ resources. The concept, structure and management of the bank’s capital. Essence, classification and role of deposits. Bonds and syndicated loans as the main sources of non-deposit funds.

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  • Analyzes of general views on factors of global misbalances appearance. Formulation of hypotheses of interdependence between the level of credit risk and indicators which characterize global misbalances. The proposals for management decision making.

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  • The study of international funds and banks created to assist States in financing economic development and secure loan payments. Analysis of the activities of the International Bank for Reconstruction and development and International Finance Corporation.

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  • The banking system is a key element of the financial system. Factors affecting the stability of the Russian banking system. The role of the probability of default in the process of risk management. The rating of banks based on their likelihood of default.

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  • The use of project management in economic activities. Maximizing the profitability of organizations through information technology. The banks use special software to determine the level of solvency of the client and decision about granting the loan.

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  • Defining and explaining systemic risk. Financial default contagion and its peculiarities. Systemic risk and contagion: the model. The reasons for banking license withdrawal. Effects of the delicensing policy on the systemic risk, possible alternatives.

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  • Analysis of key documents of Basel Committee which concern operational risk governance and identifies the interconnectedness between risk source, type of the event leading to losses. The comparative characteristic of the main operational risk governance.

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