A debate on different exchange rate regime and macroeconomic performances in see countries

Impact of the global economic crisis on economic. Analys of the exchange rate regime choice and macroeconomic performances in the Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria. Advantages and disadvantages of fixed and floating exchange rate regimes.

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  • The problem of sharp exchange rate fluctuation of the ukranian national currency is considered in the article. The international practice shows that consolidation of the national financial markets may be provided on the basis of such regulated markets.

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  • The studying of the foreign exchange regulation. The providing of the actual definition of the "currency regulation" concept on the basis of a prudential approach, taking into account the current trends in the development of world economic relations.

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  • Foreign exchange as the monetary means of making payments from one area to another. The participants of the foreign exchange markets. Supply and Demand. Domestic Economic and Political Conditions. The functions of the intervention of a central bank.

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  • A structural general equilibrium model of a small open economy using Bayesian methods. the conduct of monetary policy in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.K. Test to investigate the hypothesis whether central banks do respond to exchange rates.

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  • A survey of empirical studies on the theory of optimal currency zones (OCZ), most of which offer exchange rate volatility as the index OCZ. The empirical achievements of the theory of OCZ, the advantages and disadvantages of different research methods.

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  • The negative impact of taxes on the economic growth of the modern state. Calculation of the indicator of assessing the tax burden in the country. Interdependence between macroeconomic indicators of economic growth, taxation and budget expenditures.

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  • The yen as the most traded currency in the foreign exchange market. The dependence of the stability of the yen from capital investment and the fixed value of the yen relative to the U.S. dollar. Japanese government intervention in the currency market.

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  • The value for money in today's society, the need for them. The social custom of using money for transactions. Long-run effects of changes in the quantity of money, three functions in the economy: medium of exchange, a unit of account, store of value.

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  • Factors determining the intrinsic value. The size and timing of the expected future cash flows, their rate of discounting. Required rate of return of an individual. Evaluation of common shares. Dividend-growth model (DGM). Steadily rising dividends.

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  • Stochastic properties of turkish real interest rate, that plays a central role in the decision-making of households, firms and government, has also some important implications on the basic assumptions of a number of financial and macroeconomic models.

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