The importance of health in human life

Influence of harmful habits on human health. Diseases of the skin, heart and lungs as a result of smoking and alcohol consumption. The main causes of obesity, the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise in the fresh air. Application features diet.

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  • Basic nutritional preferences of today's youth. There are many reasons for the popularity of fast food. The change in lifestyle people. Serious health and social effects. The main implications of nutrition fast food for health. The threat of obesity.

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  • The problem of smoking. The harm of cigarettes for women. The concept and the internal structure of the human respiratory system, the relationship of the individual components and functions, the value in the organism. The ban on smoking in public places.

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  • Influence of modern working conditions on the health of workers of mining and concentrating enterprises. Organization of sports mass and physical culture at the enterprises. The structure of diseases of workers of the mountain-concentrating enterprises.

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  • Effect of health on labour force participation. The relationship between health and labour force participation of the Russian population. Positive influence health lag proved on labour force participation. Effect of labour force participation on health.

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  • The problem of legal protection of tax militia. Types of special measures to ensure safety. Actions tax militiamen and their families in dangerous situations in everyday life. Protection of life, health, honor, dignity of the workers state tax service.

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  • Within the past two years, substantial media attention has been often directed at potential adverse health effects of long-term computer use. Distribution of carpal tunneling syndrome. Prevention of illness. Quick and universally agreed upon precautions.

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  • Essence and types of risk, the concept of occupational risk. Professional risk to human activities. Professional tax risk. Practical recommendations for the use of gas weapons. Gas cans and recommendations for their application. Application of gas gun.

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  • Basic classification of respiratory protection, as well as advice to the selection filters. Studied properties of materials that are used in the manufacture of filters for the protection of the human respiratory, depending on the mode of exploitation.

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  • Характеристика понятия и сущности человеческой безопасности. Анализ основных аспектов концепции безопасности человека. Изучение особенностей проникновения концепции человеческой безопасности в реальную политику. Анализ актуальности проблемы здоровья.

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  • Environmental problem - one of the main constraints on the increase of air transport in the 21-st century. Specific features of the implementation of the state policy in the area of governance, the fight against air pollution, reduce aircraft noise.

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