Manadgment basics

Understand basic management principles applying to individuals, small and largeorganizations, grasp the basics of management functions. Appreciate the impact that unresolved issues can have on management skills. Understand strategic planning and its use.

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  • The concept of governance. Defining the basic functions of the manager of the enterprise. Examples of managerial skills manager. Factors assess the effectiveness worker. Requirements for the manager. Internal quality manager. Management style.

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  • The concept of strategic management as an objective reality, post-industrial economy. The study of types and models of strategic management in Ukraine and abroad. The flaws in the traditional strategic management system in a stable market environment.

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  • The analysis of the development of scientific thought in the field of management since its inception to the present time. Definition of core management principles and the impact of new social and economic factors due to the realities of the XXI century.

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  • The basic methods of strategic management at pharmaceutical companies within the competition environment. Development of pharmaceutical market in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2012. External environment factors affecting management system. Map of target.

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  • The paper describes the approaches to strategic management of companies' development. Basic elements and tendencies are outlined and the model of strategic management of companies' development in the emerging innovation economy of Kazakhstan is formed.

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  • Achieving a higher degree of control over their time using time management techniques. Learning the basic skills of personal effectiveness. Time management role in the organization and personal life. 10 most amportant common time management mistakes.

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  • The stages in the development of the company internal management systems are considered. Determinants of the formation of a new paradigm of strategic management are reviewed. The adapted application in the economic conditions of Kazakhstan are grounded.

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  • Human resource management - a function in organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer's strategic objectives. Control of people in the enterprise. Strategic human resource management and organizational strategies.

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  • Definition and characterization of basic principles of supply chain management. Research of features of logistics is about operation within a single organization. Consideration of essence of the lean management and corporate social responsibility.

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  • The concept of behavioral risk management. Using the method of behavioral Economics and predictive analysis to reduce the cost of enterprise-related health problems and conduct of personnel in the workplace. The process of improving risk management.

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