A Stylistic Analysis with a Focus on Lexical (Binomial) Expressions

Communication is a means of transmitting information, there are several ways of how people can do so. Language as an instrument of communication. The language of law is the study object of this thesis. Style is the study object of stylistics, grammar.

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  • General information on functional styles of language and his characteristic stylistic devices. Functional style of language as a system of interrelated language means which serve a definite purpose in communication. The stages of English development.

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  • Analysis of system of interrelated language means, which serves a definite aim in communication. Classification of functional styles by I.R. Galperin. Peculiarities of the publicistic style. Political and literary articles and stylistic devices.

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  • Style as a general semiotic notion. Different interpretations of style and style study. Stylistic classification of English vocabulary. Types of connotations. Functional styles and stylistic grammar. Expressive means and devices, text interpretation.

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  • The Object of Stylistics. Expressive Resources of the Language. The Theory of Functional Styles. Grammatical metaphor and types of grammatical transposition, stylistic potential of the parts of speech. Decoding stylistics and Its Fundamental Notions.

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  • Sound Instrumenting, graphical Means. Morphemic Repetition, extension of Morphemic. Word and its Semantic Structure. Role of the Context in the Actualization of Meaning. Colloquial vs. Literary Type of Communication. Samples of Stylistic Analysis.

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  • Consideration of the basic concepts of style and stylistics. Description of phonetic and lexical means of expression and syntactic stylistic devices. The classification of functional styles in English. Solving practical problems on stylistic analysis.

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  • Object and subject of stylistics as a science, characteristics of the concept. The concept of style, its main effects. The nature and content of stylistics in the student's work. The ratio of stylistics and linguistics in the modern science of language.

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  • The value of language, consciousness, mentality and culture as an object of modern linguistics. Direction and scope of the study of metaphor, its conceptual components and structure. The essence and the ways to solve the language problems of semantics.

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  • Conducting a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the introduction of new lexical terms and units in the Italian language. Study of the process of democratization of language through the media. Credits as sources of lexical enrichment of vocabulary.

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  • Binomial pairs as a phrases that indicate the presence of two or more equal members and have a fixed lexical relationship connection. Binomial expressions - a separate class of phraseological units of the English language with its specific features.

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