Cognitive approach to the classification of functional styles

Functional style: definition and classification. The problem of belles-lettres style. Scientific prose and publicistic styles peculiarities. The style of official documents and English newspapers. Stylistic classification of the English vocabulary.

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  • Major subsystems of language: functional styles, the history of their occurrence, classification and main differences. Features of individual, neutral, colloquial, literary, artistic, journalistic, newspaper style and the style of official documents.

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  • Analysis of system of interrelated language means, which serves a definite aim in communication. Classification of functional styles by I.R. Galperin. Peculiarities of the publicistic style. Political and literary articles and stylistic devices.

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  • Learning concepts of functional styles as the subsystems of language, each subsystem having its own peculiar features in what concern vocabulary means, syntactical constructions. Familiarization with publicistic style and the style of official documents.

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  • Style as a general semiotic notion. Different interpretations of style and style study. Stylistic classification of English vocabulary. Types of connotations. Functional styles and stylistic grammar. Expressive means and devices, text interpretation.

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  • Study of the specificity of vocabulary and syntactic constructions in various spheres of human life. Characteristics of the classification of functional styles I.V. Arnold and I.R. Galperin. Linguistic features the language of the drama and emotive prose.

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  • Consideration of the basic concepts of style and stylistics. Description of phonetic and lexical means of expression and syntactic stylistic devices. The classification of functional styles in English. Solving practical problems on stylistic analysis.

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  • Functional stylistics of the English language. Social influence and public opinion manipulation. Linguistic and extra-linguistic factors in the classification of functional styles. Rational cognition language and presentation of the dynamics of thinking.

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  • General information on functional styles of language and his characteristic stylistic devices. Functional style of language as a system of interrelated language means which serve a definite purpose in communication. The stages of English development.

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  • Types of stylistic research and branches of stylistics. Stylistic classification of the English vocabulary. Stylistic theory and classification of expressive means by G. Leech. Classification of expressive means and stylistic devices by Y.M. Skrebnev.

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  • Typical scientific and technical styles. A report is in text, to communicate exact details of any special area and to consolidate the process of cognition. The main features of scientific style. Extensive and intensive development of scientific style.

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