Cause-effect analysis of the modern state in production of jet fuels

The main production methods jet fuels rocket engines. Prospects for the use of various raw materials to produce jet fuels in the context of limited energy resources. The impact of processing production and use of aviation fuels on the environment.

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  • Characteristics of jet fuels: general information and properties. Fractional composition: initial boiling point and 10% fuel distillation temperature, 50% fuel distillation temperature and temperature of 90 % fuel distillation (t90) and dry point.

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  • The analysis of the cement production process in Ghana, which is limited to grinding clinker into cement and its packaging and distribution. The equipment of grinding chains, the best configuration. Control methods used for cement grinding chains.

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  • General characteristics of gas motor fuel. The current state of the market of gas motor fuel and infrastructure for use of CNG. Problems in the development of the NGV market and their solutions. Analysis of interest in the use of natural gaseous fuels.

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  • Environmental problems in the process of industrial chemical production. Description of ways of processing and recycling of industrial organochlorine waste in the production of dichloroethane and vinyl chloride with the return: recycling of raw materials.

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  • Theoretical study of the basic functioning of the starch industry. The raw materials used for the а production of polysaccharide under consideration. The structure of the modified starches and dextrin. The use of the ingredient as a food additive.

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  • The main stages of the automatic assembly of cylinder connection. The structural elements of the flexible automated production. Prospect for the automation of machine building production. The main types of heat exchange in technological systems.

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  • There exists a wide range and a considerable potential of alternative gas fuel types. Uncertainty, flexibility of nonconventional fuels’ composition seriously limits the possible exploitation of these energy sources. Equations of chemical thermodynamics.

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  • Technological aspects of production ammophos. The need for higher costs of sulfuric acid in the processing of Algerian phosphates. PH-dependence of the ratio of NH3:H3PO4 at neutralizing extraction phosphoric acid manufactured from algerian phosphorites.

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  • Features of the application of methods for monitoring the state of the wooden structure in the production flow. Ways to optimize the prediction of wood properties using various NDE methods. The combination of methods for effective quality control of wood.

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  • History of the appearance of ceramics. Ceramic products, types of ceramics. Features of technology of production of ceramic products. Ceramics of the Urals. The Perm State Arts Gallery is big Museums in the Ural region. Changes to the "Willow Pattern".

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