Using TQM methodology to streamline organizational processes

Research process optimization using one of the principles of total quality management. Analysis of its role and importance for making effective decisions that are based only on reliable data. The impact on the competitiveness of the organization.

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  • The impact of collection, integration, collaboration and analysis of large volumes of data on management principles in various industries is still to describe. Analyze the ways how public agencies are developing in data experience in benchmark countries.

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  • Quality management systems in projects. Management commitment and strategic process. Management reviews and progress evaluations. Interdependency-related processes. Scope-related processes. Measurement, analysis and improvement. One continual improvement.

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  • Scientific generalization and systematization of proposals for risk management, depending on the environment of the organization. Characteristics of risk management models. The impact of risk on the competitiveness of economic subjects of the state.

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  • Theoretical framework of management by engagement. Research design and methodology. Analysis of management by engagement implementation experience in Russian and global companies operating in Russia. Task level resources and organization of work.

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  • The evolution of total quality management. The regular use of statistical control methods to ensure that quality standards are met and to identify variations from the standards. The concept of total quality control. Company-wide quality control.

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  • Realization of organizational and economic bases of production and investment and innovation processes at the enterprise is a factor on which the quality of the final product depends. The specific characteristics of the quality management system.

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  • Features of creating new products in the process of preparing a new production. Development of the project, the creation and organization of the release of new products as the main tasks of production. Project management is a special area of management.

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  • Comprehensive analysis of the external components of risk along with the methodology for decreasing risks. Concept of increasing the quality of information and analytical support for investment decisions that would enhance the efficiency of organization

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  • The concept of quality. Foundations and systems of quality management. Training for improving service quality at Honda. The plant of Lexus in Cambridge. Human resource development management, tools of process management. Methods in quality assurance.

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  • Modern methods of management decision. Adaptation of classical theories to pharmaceutical management. The requirements for effective management decision. Uncertainty as causes risk in the organization activity. The algoritm for management decision.

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