Radio and еlectronics сookbook

The concept and the basic principles of electronics as a scientific field, the history of its development and modern achievements. Classification and types of antennas, basics principles of operation. The materials used in the manufacture of antennas.

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  • Characteristics of different flat multi-band antennas, their purpose, features of the production, and measurement. Description of antenna parameters, their advantages and disadvantages. The results of the modal and full-wave analysis of antennas.

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  • Familiarization with the concept of field-effect transistors. Laying out circuit boards and mounting RF devices. Classes of operation, forms of modulation, biasing, and operating in a pulse mode. The basic factors affecting low power amplifier design.

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  • The Conventional Telephone Set. Digital Transmission Techniques. Electronics in the Central Office. Modems and Fax Machines. The Convergence of Technologies. Electronic Dialing and Ringing Circuits. Pulse and Timing Restoration. Fiber Optic Principles.

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  • Characteristics of different technologies, printed electronics, focused on the needs of the optimal circuit applications. Development of new materials and processes for use of the opportunities that exist at the intersection of Economics and engineering.

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  • The discovery of electromagnetic induction by M. Faraday as the factor of the invention alternator. Characteristics of the main components of the rotary engine. The principle of operation of the stator. The scope of application of diesel generators.

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  • A basic overview of the theory of planar antenna near-field measurements. Determination of far-field pattern from a near-field measurement. Advantages of this technique compared to far-field antenna measurement. Brief history of near-field scanning.

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  • Getting to know the causes and characteristics of the invention of radio. Improved maintenance of mobile phones as the first trade and the available radio and telephone system. General characteristics of the best-known wireless telecommunications.

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  • Radar Range Equation and Cross Section. Circular Polarization Components. Vector Effective Height. Mutual Coupling Between Antennas. Radiation Structures and Numerical Methods. Aperture Distributions and Array Synthesis. Dipoles, Slots and Loops.

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  • Characteristic and investigation of basic trends and promising of development for the mobile backhaul are provided. Introduction to the process of designing radio communications terahertz range capable of applying to build super high-rate backhauls.

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  • History of development of telecommunication systems and networks. The main objective of their development and application for various public purposes. Development of a remote workstation and the inclusion of disabled people in the sphere of production.

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