Lecture Notes on Cryptography

A computational complexity based theory of modern encryption. Generating pseudo-random bit or number sequences. Generic encryption with pseudorandom functions. Problems with deterministic encryption in general. Required properties for digital cash.

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  • The origins of cryptography. Transpositions, substitutions and secret keys. The Shannon theory of secrecy. The data encryption standard. Application of des: Unix passwords. Conventional cryptographic primitives and the advanced encryption standard.

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  • Signature schemes and anonymous credentials from bilinear maps. Asymptotically optimal communication for torus-based cryptography. Paradigm of hybrid encryption scheme. Pseudo-signatures, broadcast, and multi-party computation from correlated randomness.

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  • Criteria for desirable cryptographic systems and protocols. Security properties for authenticated key establishment. Standard notation of mathematical foundations. Classical ciphers: usefulness and security. The optimal asymmetric encryption padding.

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  • Arithmetic and number theory in C and C++. The fundamental operations in programs. Modular arithmetic: calculating with residue classes. Addition chains and windows. Cryptographic application of exponentiation. A modern the data encryption standard.

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  • Analysis of the extended euclidean algorithm. Analysis of operations in the residue class ring. Structure of the multiplicative group of residues mod a prime number. Symmetric and asymmetric cryptosystems. Compression functions from encryption functions.

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  • Introduction to cryptography and data security. The study of random numbers and an unbreakable stream cipher. The data encryption standard and alternatives. Practical aspects of public-key cryptography. Principles of message authentication codes.

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  • Various aspects of multimedia content encryption. His general performance and the fundamental techniques. The common encryption techniques, including complete, partial and compression-combined encryption, will be investigated, analyzed and evaluated.

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  • Computing the Cassels pairing classes in Tate group. The calculation of the pairing on twisted Edwards in the form of elliptic curves. Control malicious proxy re-encryption. Security and anonymity-based encryption with trusted certification authorities.

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  • Encryption standard adopted by the USA government through a competitive Advanced Encryption Standard. Evaluation algorithms for the various platforms. Cryptographic analysis and its properties. Testing of individual algorithms. Algorithmic version of AES.

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  • Protection from disclosure to unauthorised persons integrity. Maintaining data consistency. Assurance of identity of person or originator of data non-repudiation. Conventional encryption: uses a shared key. Digital Signatures and especially their use.

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