Strategy and the capital investment decision

The calculation of the net present value by discounting the expected future cash flows. Strategic decision-making. The definition of economic rent and competitive advantages on the example of Marvin Enterprises. The formula for calculating rent.

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  • Factors determining the intrinsic value. The size and timing of the expected future cash flows, their rate of discounting. Required rate of return of an individual. Evaluation of common shares. Dividend-growth model (DGM). Steadily rising dividends.

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  • The theoretical foundations of land tax as an economic category and the mechanism of rent assignment. Analyze the existing methods of land taxation on the rental basis. The relationship between land rent and the indicators of agricultural land efficiency.

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  • Description of the views of scientists in the field of investment capital. Analysis of economic concepts and dualistic nature as a resource and asset in the space-time continuum. The definition of the essence and components of investment resource.

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  • The needs of retail enterprises in investment capital. The scheme for determining the requirements. The calculation of the integral indicator of domestic investment potential of retail enterprise of reproduction type. Actual and projected volumes.

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  • Previous research on relationship between Chief Executive Officer overconfidence and investments decisions. Recent empirical findings. Variables and Chief Executive Officer overconfidence index construction. Board’s role in investment decision-making.

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  • A review of the basics. NPV and its competitors. The book rate of return. Internal rate of return. Capital rationing. CFO decision tools. The payback period of a project. Term structure assumption. Profitability index. Linear programming. Vegetron case.

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  • The main problems in the investment manager: get additional benefits, avoidance of risk. Features of the decision on capital investment: assessing the company's budget, marketing research, the results of the audit. Evaluation of budget expenditures.

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  • Equivalent annual costs - the cost per period with the same present value as the cost of buying and operating a machine. Project interaction. An optimal timing and fluctuating load factors. The role of investment decisions with the net present value rule.

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  • Financial statements of the company in the market economy conditions is the main source of information about the assets, capital, profits and cash flows. Introduction of accounting at the enterprise. Assessment of the financial position of the company.

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  • Causes of crises are considered. Theoretical, methodological investigation on the detection between the current weakly managed mobility of international capital flows, permanent crisis are provided. Necessity of control over international capital flows.

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