Gender (and other) diversity in corporate boards and firm performance

Study and analysis examines the relationship between gender diversity on boards and firm performance. Characteristics of the main principles of functioning female directors improve the independence of the board, acting similarly to independent directors.

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  • The aim of this research is to figure out existing approaches of assessing the activities of directors and their impact on performance of a company. Evaluating the hypotheses of influence of a certain type of directors, namely, politically connected ones.

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  • Efforts to introduce effective management methods. Identify factors that weaken the position of existing directors or even force them to lose their mandates. The struggle for corporate control. Resistance of influential managers for passive directors.

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  • The concept of female leadership and leadership style features. Estimation of the share of women on the boards of directors of Russian public companies. The main qualities of the entrepreneur. Combating discrimination in the business environment.

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  • Exploring of the theoretical relationship, independent and joint effect of leverage, institutes and overall corporate governance on company’s performance during the global crisis. Construction of the model, which quantitatively estimates the effect.

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  • Characteristics of the main problems of gender equality. The existence of institutional and structural factors affecting the development of gender inequality in modern society. The process of determining the behavioural differences between men and women.

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  • Personnel selection process and the selection criteria. Analysis of the perspective of HR managers regarding diversity. The need to implement measures to support diversity awareness. Identification of factors affecting the diversity of human resources.

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  • Corporate education as a business process. What is corp edu. Reasons to have an internal education in a Company. The algorithm of finding an effect from Corporate education on International Companies performance. Results and ways of problem solving.

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  • Corporate transparency as factor to increment governance quality. Тhe relationship between corporate transparency and firm value. Transparency index and descriptive statistics. The transparency of Chinese companies by principles of corporate governance.

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  • Corporate governance under uncertainty. The impact of the Board structure on the performance. Measuring corporate governance. Correlation matrix of corporate governance. Sales growth rate model. Alleged incidents of stealing in the Asian financial crisis.

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  • Evaluate company value. The correctness of current earnings in predicting future cash flows. The relationship between earnings and stock returns. The list of the largest Russian companies in terms of capitalization. Listed companies' financial data.

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