Characteristics of chronic and acute bronchitis

Manifestation of inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. The emergence of acute bronchitis during a cold or flu. Characteristics of the main symptoms of the disease. Analysis of the effects of pollution and tobacco smoke on chronic lung irritation.

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  • Concept acute ocular hipotonia. Pathophysiological and topographical changes in the eye tissues. General characteristics of deformation of ocular tissues. Modern methods of prevention and treatment of complications connected with acute ocular hypotonia.

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  • Physical-chemical characteristics and isotopes of beryllium. Productions and commercial use of beryllium, his applications (radiation, mechanical, magnetic, electronic). Toxicity, chronic disease, industrial release and occupational exposure limits.

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  • The concept of intonation, its main characteristics. Intonation is a complex unity of four components: speech melody; sentence stress (word highlighting); tempo, pause and rhythm; timbre. Crystal prosodic effects associated with pitch movement or melody.

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  • Feature congenital metabolic disorders due to the inability to convert phenylalanine to tyrosine. Characteristics of the disease maple syrup. General analysis of multisystem frustration of connective tissue with the help of classical homocystinuria.

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  • The currency market, as the largest financial mart in the world. The main characteristics of the global electronic network of banks. Basic dealer centers and time zones. Factors affecting demand and supply. Stakeholder analysis of the Forex emporium.

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  • Acquaintance with psycholinguistic aspects of the process of perception of sound and color. General characteristics of the main problems of defining the features of narrative discourse. Analysis of the most important characteristics of a graphic novel.

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  • Research of characteristics of nonmetallic inclusions to reduce their harmful effects on the properties of the steel. Using thermodynamic software to simulate the conditions under which switching occurs. Formation of a low melting point impurities.

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  • There are history, etymology, characteristics, production, applications, toxicity (inhalation, ingestion, dermatological effects, effects on children, detection in the body, industrial release and occupational exposure limits) in Summary about beryllium.

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  • The main application tasks developed for the analysis of social networks. The analysis of approaches to software development. Selection of project management tools. Especially the use of the programming language and integrated extension environment.

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  • Approval of the National Coat of Arms of Canada in 1994. The peculiarity of the maple leaf as a Canadian symbol. Characteristics of the provincial and territorial tartans. The use of large print in all public documents. The main parliament building.

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