Economics for Ecology: Perspectives and Challenges

Main challenges of sustainable development implementing and green economy forming. Economic damages and opportunity costs caused by environmental degradation. The directions for successful realization of green economy concept among which eco-innovations.

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  • Challenges for the national economy in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. Weaknesses in the policy of development of science, education and innovations. Principles on which the development strategy of the country should be developed.

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  • The main economic resources (natural, human and manufactured capital) and types of economic systems (command, mixed, market). Measures of life and environmental quality. Concept of externalities. Principles essential to building a sustainable economy.

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  • The stages of development of the indicators determining the level of sustainable development of the region and algorithm realization of sustainable development policies. Analysis of the standardized values of economic development of Pavlodar region.

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  • Analysis of entrepreneurship as a catalyst for the development of the economy in terms of the prospects for sustainable development. Features of complex modernization and innovative business update on the basis of new generation of technologies.

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  • The current state of economic values in the context of civilizational progress and problems of sustainable development. The study of the main mechanism for obtaining value from knowledge resources in a situation of economics, based on knowledge.

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  • Analysis of social progress through a variety of complex environmental and economic problems. Ecologization of the economy as a process of implementing economic policy instruments in the area of resource conservation and rational nature management.

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  • Hirschman's economic development strategy. Study of the dependence of the economy on the policy states. The value of the use of local natural resources and structures to achieve the result. The concept of "relationships with suppliers and customers".

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  • The basic features of the inversion economy in Ukraine. New challenges of social development posed by globalization. Basic conditions that are necessary to achieve economic and social equality in Ukraine. The basic directions of organization WAPE.

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  • The theory of "welfare economics", features of the world economy influence on welfare of humanity. The directions of the global economy influence on welfare, taking into account the trend of globalization. Evaluation of economic well-being of households.

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  • Development of the innovative infrastructure of the national economy. Interrelations and interaction of institutes of an infrastructure of innovative activity in Ukraine. Formation and development of the country's economy, directions of state support.

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