World market trends consulting services

International experience of companies, which using consultancy services to work effectively under conditions of uncertainty of the economic environment. Analyze global trends in the market of consulting services to support and develop business.

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  • Building of a quality system of products and services based on information in market conditions. Consumer choice of products and services according to their importance. Quality as the conformity of products, which determine the ability to meet the needs.

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  • Becoming of market relations in UA stipulate the necessity of improvement of control system by the service’s enterprises, orientation of the management system on the market conditions of economy, ability to react to changes in the market environment.

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  • Draft a business plan for the Fitness Gym. Services, major participants, market trends. The influence of external and internal factors: political, social, economic. Sources of financing, pricing and distribution. Analysis of consequences and risk factors.

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  • Analysis of the interaction of the labor market and the market of educational services in the conditions of transformation of society and European integration. Features of regulation and justification of the problem of structural imbalances in this area.

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  • The interdependence of market mechanisms with the effectiveness of the institutional environment. The directions of forming a homogeneous institutional environment. The analysis of the transaction costs of telecommunications market public sector entities.

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  • The main trends of the world market of M&A transactions and determines specific features of mergers and acquisitions market in Ukraine at the present stage. The transformation mechanisms to update business models. The domestic market of mergers.

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  • The essence and content of the global economy. The reason for the uneven distribution of wealth and ways to combat this phenomenon. The procedure for setting the price of oil and its impact on the global economy. Goods and services in a market economy.

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  • The main directions of state regulation of housing and communal services, its improvement during the period of market relations in the industry. A new methodology for calculating the "investment tariff" for the services of municipal enterprises.

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  • Tendencies of the domestic market in Ukraine in terms of the volatility of the international economic environment, risks for domestic commodity markets caused by increasing global imbalances. The maintaining the stability of the domestic market.

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  • The influence of the globalization of the international economy on the agrarian market. Economic, environmental and social prerequisites for global trade policy transformations and market changes in the international market of organic agro-food products.

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