Phase measurer based on coincidences of multiplicity impulses

Use for measuring the phase shift signals a lack of ways noni. Changing the momentum duration at the frequency of the input wave. The peculiarity of the new method of pulse coincidences packets of digital beeps. Application phase meters at high speed.

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  • The emergence stages of deformation and strain of concrete at loading over the entire height section. Taking into account previous stresses in the armature, which are at the phase of making. Destruction of columns and determine their carrying capacity.

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  • Characterization of diamondlike carbon films laser light modification. The relationship between emanation energy density and structural changes in the membranes. Estimation of the phase composition of element materials by Raman scattering method.

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  • Features of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the property market phases. The main stages the process of constructing a fuzzy model. Determining the accuracy of evaluation criteria pattern. Dynamics of average yield on real estate prices.

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  • Information on the spacing from the aircraft to the ground station. The peculiarity of the establishment of the position along the airway. The use of distance measuring equipment for aircraft maintenance. The circuit board and transponder pulses.

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  • Reconstruction of the size of the flood formed during the break of the ice-pond lake. Study of the data on the flow rates and velocities of the water corresponding to the time of passing the peak of the flood and the various stages of its downward phase.

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  • The study of the device using the method of creating a physical object based on a virtual 3D-model. The main ways to perform 3D printing based on the layered principle of creating a solid object. Feature manufacturing models and forms for foundry.

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  • Development decorative plaster for restoration and finishing works on the basis of composite elements containing additional cementing material light shades. The study features of formation phase microstructure of the cement matrix of ornamental casts.

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  • 108 North State Street is a site currently under development as an urban center located in the Loop community area of downtown Chicago, Illinois, United States, details: history, block 37, the Mills Corporation. Progress, phase construction, completion.

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  • Analysis of the process of creating a logo and the peculiarity of the definition of its ideas and implementation. Ways to simplify the image. Learning exercises for the development of creative and digital graphic skills and image vectorization technique.

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  • The paradigm of types of translating from English into Ukrainian. Sight Translation is the conversion of written words in one language into spoken words in another language. The translation as a separate type and phase of preparation of translation.

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