A youth assessment of social institutions of Ukraine in European contexts

Comparative analysis of the satisfaction of Ukrainian and European youth with the institutions of power and the key processes taking place in socio-political contexts. Assessing the state of education. Dissatisfaction with social institutions in Ukraine.

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  • The social innovations as basic instrument of upgrading life of population of regions. The blended value proposition: integrating social and financial returns. Sotsialne pidpryiemnycztvo: osnovni idei. Economic activity of population of Ukraine.

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  • Presents similarities and differences in strategies of behavior of Ukrainian female migrants in Poland and Turkey. Analysis and study of the data of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Poland and Turkey on the migration of women from Ukraine.

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  • Types of national identity that can lead to possible tension between people and hinder the further development of the territories of Ukraine. The impact of the situation and developments in Ukraine and their impact on international politics and stability.

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  • An analysis of the marginal individual as a social phenomenon that forms the basis for global crises, the consequences of which are unpredictable. The basic mechanisms of the social transit of marginal communities into an integrated socio-cultural space.

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  • Researching issues of drug prevention among youth and teenage organizations in Ukrainian society. Highlighting new directions and methods of its functioning considering the priorities and emphasis shifts in counteracting the spread of drug-addiction.

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  • The main reasons that young people smoke are - to look mature, to be like their friends, and to experiment. Nowadays we have such terrible problem like alcohol use youth. Drugs among the youth. Warning signs of teenage drug use may include. Pregnancy.

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  • The migration processes - one of the important factors, which have influence on the specify of demographic and socio-economic development in Ukraine. Migratory processes - the main reason of transformations of the ethnic structure of the population.

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  • Functioning of the rural family of Ukraine in the conditions of Soviet reality. Features of social, material and spiritual provision of single-parent families and orphans. The main functions of the family for the upbringing and socialization of children.

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  • The concept of corporate social responsibility. Тhe model used to measure socially responsible activities, instruments of evaluation. Assessment of state, assessment of impact and influence, assessment of response. The measurement for socially аctivity.

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  • Consideration of the current situation of demographic crisis in Ukraine, to identify its causes and impact on national security of the country in social and humanitarian sphere. Analysis of the structure and trends of main population health indicators.

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