Ecological insurance of entrepreneurs in Poland

Study of the concept of environmental insurance in the scientific literature. Analysis of the environmental law in the Polish legislation concerning the use of environmental insurance mechanisms. Problems in the field of environmental insurance in Poland.

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  • Working out practical recommendations for the formation of bank liabilities, optimization of their structure and the use of credit resources in the Russian commercial bank to get maximum profit. Aspects of the optimization model in the management.

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  • A study of the cost increase of competitors in the winning units at the time of trading. Estimate their allocative efficiency and preferences. A description of the types of auction: in the form of rising price - watch, combinatorial and Vickrey auction.

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  • Origins and features of money. Brief history of banking. The Modern banking system of the world. The Banking system of modern Russian Federation. Commercial banks: current problems and salvations. The gold and foreign exchange reserves of Russia.

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  • Study of alternative approach to the problem of establishment of pricing, covering different derivative classes. Determination of the European estimation of call option, and similarly option contracts. Principle of investment equality of cash flow.

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  • Study of the Private Bank in Ukraine, which has a general license from the National Bank of Ukraine to conduct banking transactions and services, providing a full range of banking services in the domestic market for corporate and individual clients.

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  • Изучение Gap Analysis - комплексного аналитического исследования, изучающего несоответствия, разрывы между текущим состоянием компании и желаемым. Основные категории разрывов. Спрос и предложения на биржевом рынке. Возникновение и виды Gap на Форекс.

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  • The concept of implicit consolidation processes in the banking system and the development of a new approach to calculating the level of consolidation of banks. Influence of implicit consolidation of bank capital on risks in the banking system of Ukraine.

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  • Study the features of the history of Islamic banking. Characteristics of the aspects of unique financial institution. The main principles of Islamic banking. Review the basics of financial transactions. Purpose and main functions of Tabung Haji.

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  • Study the nature, structure, stages of formation of the credit system. Determination of the functioning of commercial banks and their impact on the development of a credit system of Ukraine in conditions of market transformation of the national economy.

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  • Analysis of the leading positions on the global exchange market of the USА futures industry. The story of creation and the work of nine USА markets for futures, options contract, options transactions, the definition of the index securities and bonds.

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