Obtaining of monoclonal antibodies to human IgG suitable for usage in highly sensitive and specific immunoassays

Getting a set of 12 hybrid clones producing monoclonal antibodies (McAbs) to human IgG. Justification of criteria selection of McAbs with properties that provide indicators of information content developed on the basis of their methods of immunoanalysis.

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  • The new peptide-specific antibodies against the isoform 2 of translation elongation factor 1A (eEF1A2) and determine its presence in the postoperative samples of human breast, lung and stomach tumor tissues. The normal tissues surrounding tumors.

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  • The number of the bones in the adult human skeleton. Main functions of the skeleton. Sex-based differences between the male and female human skeletons. Neurocranium and viscerocranium components of the human scull. Picture of the human skeleton.

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  • Symbols of medicine. Medicine in Ancient Civilization. Scientific Progress in Health in Greece. Hippocrates - "the Father of Medicine". The Hippocratic Oath. Artists Study the Human Body. Studying the Human Body. The Developments of the Twentieth Century.

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  • The surgical treatment of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis - an organ-specific c autoimmune disease characterized by production of antibodies such as antithyroperoxidase, which leads to destruction of the thyroid gland and a decrease in normal thyroid function.

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  • Definition, the basic physical and chemical properties, advantages and possibilities of application of nano-emulsions in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical industries. Characteristics of the methods and mechanisms for obtaining nanoemulsions.

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  • Small animal models of osteoarthritis are suitable for preclinical investigations of OA pathogenesis: its genetic and molecular mechanisms; large animal allow to investigate biomechanical changes of the joint and to provide intraarticular interventions.

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  • Production of active human interferon alfa 2b in plants of Nicotiana excelsior, previously selected as a promising host species for agrobacterium mediated transient expression using GFP marker protein. Activity of interferon in leaf extracts of N.

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  • Development and testing of the technology of obtaining dry extract of stems of hops. Study of the effect of temperature parameters of the evaporation and drying of liquid extract hops on branilovic quantitative content of flavonoids in dry extract.

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  • Studying the notion of testosterone (belongs to a family of androgens) as a hormone that stimulates sexual development in male human beings. Consideration of opinion Eugene Shippen and William Fryer for researched topic in book "Testosterone syndrome".

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  • The Motors of Stasis and Change: The Regulation of Genetic Stability. The Meaning of human Gene Function: What Does a Gene Do. The concept of a Genetic Program: How to Make an Organism. Limits of Genetic Analysis What Keeps Development on Track.

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