Computer-aided design of motor driver for solar power plant

The descriptive structure and implementation of motor driver for solar power plant is proposed. Determination and characterization of the direct loss of power, depending on the angle of deviation. The development of solar power control algorithm.

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  • Analysis of the hybrid power plant, which consists of renewable energy sources: solar, wind power. Features of installed equipment and factors affecting its productivity. Analysis of information obtained from the hybrid power plant under investigation.

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  • Technological features of modeling wind turbines. Development of optimal physical and mechanical parameters for the design of the power plant equipped with an automated control system. Acquaintance with the results of the aerodynamic rotor testing.

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  • Description of the features of the action of solar roads, which consist of solar panels arranged in series and having a constructive structure for the movement of vehicles along them, a green alternative to the use of fossil fuels in power generation.

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  • The energy industry is energy, which includes generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Thermal power plant is a power plant producing electrical energy by converting chemical energy. Nuclear power plant is a complex of necessary systems.

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  • The efficiency of a thermal power cycle. Use of waste heat for process or central heating. Ways to increase the overall efficiency of the power plant. A combination of different thermodynamic cycles in a combined cycle. Once-through cooling systems.

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  • Implementation of the "green" tariff for electricity produced from renewable sources in Ukraine in 2010. A stimuli for the development of renewable energy sector, represented by solar, wind, hydro, bio energy. The total capacity of solar power plants.

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  • Solar and water power. Nuclear power plants. Appropriate regions for alternative energy. Environmental problems that may have a terrible influence on the future of the world. Greenhouse effect is the emissions of different gases in the process of firing.

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  • Types of wind power stations: ground, coastal, offshore, floating. The principle of operation of wind parks, transportation of resulting electricity through a power cabinet located on the basis of a wind power plant. Terms of construction of wind farms.

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  • Actual trends in development of power system protection and automation. Identification of circuit parameters of power network elements. The proof of applicability of power line parameters identification algorithm. Synchrophasor application tasks.

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  • Classification of power plants: working on fossil fuel, nuclear, thermal and coal. Steam turbine installations and the use in them of the dynamic pressure created by the expansion of steam to rotate the turbine. Reciprocating internal combustion engines

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