Determinants of female alcoholism in Europe: multilevel approach

Definition of female alcoholism and its determinants. The concept of female alcoholism. Determinants of use, predicates at the individual level. Forecasts for women at country level. Multi-level analysis of patterns of alcohol consumption in Europe.

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  • The role of women in the flows of international migrants. Migration in search of work and the realization of personal goals. Scope of female labor in the global economy. The problem of children left behind by migrants in their country of origin.

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  • Presents similarities and differences in strategies of behavior of Ukrainian female migrants in Poland and Turkey. Analysis and study of the data of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Poland and Turkey on the migration of women from Ukraine.

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  • An analysis of the dynamics of the level of well-being of the population of the countries of post-Soviet Eurasia, which in 1991 entered the path of democratic transformations. Calculating the level of satisfaction with life and feelings of happiness.

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  • Studying the spectrum of socio-economic determinants of medical care of pregnant women in Pakistan. The average simulation time of the first treatment to the doctor during pregnancy. Groups of factors affecting the health of pregnant women in the country.

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  • Nationalism and radical left- and right-wing party euroscepticism: mirrored at the individual level. Studying conception of ethnic nationalism, identity and radical right euroscepticism. Civic nationalism, civic identity and radical left euroscepticism.

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  • Sociological discourse on consumption problems. Philosophical theories, in which focus is on the consumption problem. The provisions on consumption and its connection with production in the theory of K. Marx, the concept of "commodity fetishism".

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  • The need for the development and testing of an experimental method of gender socialization of children, which is a prospect of scientific research. Groups of qualitative indicators that reveal the content and level of gender socialization of children.

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  • Research topics in the psychology of well-being, the ups and downs. Learning methodological developments concerning multi-level modeling and comparisons also allows researchers to formulate new questions for the field. Physical health and emotions.

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  • Dependence between the level of corruption and factors of the social system. Correlation of factors: Expenditures on education, Quintile coefficient, Expenditures on R&D, Level of employment, Social expenditures. Scandinavian model, regression types.

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  • The role of the state in the process of the social development of the society. Fundamentals to the social policy of the state, through which the state can really get into the level of social cohesion. Fundamentals of real-life social policy of the state.

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